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Anharmonicity in thermal pressure for aluminiumSharma, S K; Sharma, B S; Kumar, RIJPAP Vol.51(07) [July 2013]494-498
Antioxidant levels in blood and seminal plasma and their impact on sperm parameters in infertile menShamsi, M B; Venkatesh, S; Kumar, R; Gupta, N P; Malhotra, N; Singh, N; Mittal, S; Arora, S; Arya, D S; Talwar, P; Sharma, R K; Dada, RIJBB Vol.47(1) [February 2010]38-43
Auxin treatment of wetland and non-wetland plant species to enhance their phytoremediation efficiency to treat municipal wastewaterTandon, S A; Kumar, R; Parsana, SJSIR Vol.74(12) [December 2015]702-707
Carbon-13 solid state MASNMR study on the role of pyrrolidine in various high silica zeolitesKumar, R; Thangaraj, A; Rajanohanan, PIJC-A Vol.29A(11) [November 1990]1083-1085
Circuit model analysis of the eddy currents in the SINP tokamakSaha, S K; Kumar, RIJPAP Vol.37(06) [June 1999]495-501
Covalent immobilization of lipase onto onion membrane affixed on plastic surface : Kinetic properties and application in milk fat hydrolysisVikas; Kumar, R; Pundir, C SIJBT Vol.6(4) [October 2007]479-484
Design, Development and Metrological Characterization of a Force TransducerKumar, R; Pant, B D; Maji, SJSIR Vol.75(05) [May 2016]320-321
Development of 2.4 ns rise time, 300 kV, ~500 MW compact co-axial Marx generatorPrabaharan, T; Shyam, A; Shukla, R; Banerjee, P; Sharma, S; Deb, P; Verma, R; Kumar, R; Das, R; Das, B; Adhikary, BIJPAP Vol.49(01) [January 2011]64-72
Effect of spinning conditions on mechanical and performance characteristics of cotton ring- and compact-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Bhowmick, Manik; Bhattacharyya, S; Kumar, RIJFTR Vol.35(1) [March 2010]21-30
Equation of state for nanomaterials from thermal expansionKumar, R; Kumar, MunishIJPAP Vol.51(02) [February 2013]87-93
Genetic screening in couples experiencing recurrent assisted procreation failureDada, Rima; Kumar, R; Shamsi, M B; Tanwar, M; Pathak, D; Venkatesh, S; Kumar, M; Singh, H; Singh, K; Aron, M; Kumar, R; Singh, G; Sharma, R K; Gupta, N PIJBB Vol.45(2) [April 2008]116-120
Influence of spinning variables on migration parameters of compact and ring-spun yarnsTyagi, G K; Kumar, RIJFTR Vol.34(4) [December 2009]333-337
Isolation and characterization of microsomal ω-6-desaturase gene (fad2-1) from soybeanKishore, K; Sinha, S K; Kumar, R; Gupta, N C; Dubey, N; Sachdev, AIJEB Vol.45(04) [April 2007]390-397
La(l-x)AxMn(l-y)ByO3 supported on honeycomb substrate -Characterization and application for catalytic converterBiniwale, R B; Bawase, M A; Labhsetwar, N K; Kumar, RIJC-A Vol.42A(08) [August 2003]1833-1839
Laser Power Estimation by Mass Ablation for High Power LaserKumar, S; Kumar, R; Srivastava, A K; Das, N RJSIR Vol.76(06) [June 2017]343-346
Modal Analysis of Standing Human Body Using FEMKumar, R; Singh, I; Kalsi, S; Sehgal, S SJSIR Vol.77(11) [November 2018]639-645
Modifications and developments done for the problems encountered in NSC pelletronJoshi, R; Patel, V; Barua, P; Sota, M; Gargari, S; Panwar, N S; Singh, B; Singh, M P; Kumar, R; Prasad, J; Chopra, S; Datta, S K; Kanjilal, DIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]87-95
Molecular interaction studies of cinnamaldehyde with certain alcohols by ultrasonic method at 303.15 KPadmanabhan, G; Kumar, R; Ulagendran, V; Kannappan, V; Jayakumar, SIJPAP Vol.50(12) [December 2012]899-906
Nanoformulations of Pretilachlor Herbicide: Preparation, Characterization and ActivityKumar, N; Kumar, R; Shakil, N A; Das, T KJSIR Vol.75(11) [November 2016]676-680
Necessity of nuclear and mitochondrial genome analysis prior to assisted reproductive techniques/intracytoplasmic sperm injectionKumar, Rakesh; Bhat, Audesh; Bamezai, R N K; Shamsi, M B; Kumar, R; Gupta, N P; Ammini, A C; Aron, M; Sharma, R K; Dada, RimaIJBB Vol.44(6) [December 2007]437-442