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Butterfly Watching in JharkhandKumar, PrabhatSR Vol.50(11) [November 2013]32-35
In vitro screening of calli of mungbean to cercosporin, a photoactivated toxinKumar, Prabhat; Chand, Ramesh; Singh, Vineeta; Pal, ChhattarIJEB Vol.55(02) [February 2017]113-121
A new strategy for the synthesis of phosphorothioates of 2' -deoxyriboligonucleotidesKumar, Prabhat; Misra, KIJC-B Vol.36B(11) [November 1997]1000-1004
Oriental Magpie Robin: An Inimitable SingerKumar, PrabhatSR Vol.52(06) [June 2015]54-55
Pareto Principle: The 80-20 PhenomenonKumar, PrabhatSR Vol.52(03) [March 2015]54-55
The Splendour of the White Lily: NargisKumar, PrabhatSR Vol.51(07) [July 2014]32-35