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A case study on the short-term variability in the observed temperature and currents in the upper layers of the northeastern Arabian Sea during the pre-onset phase of ISMEX-73Rao, R R; Kumar, P V HareeshIJMS Vol.18(3) [September 1989]189-194
Diurnal scale variability in vertical thermal structure of coastal waters off southwest coast of India during May 1985Kumar, P V Hareesh; Rao, R RIJMS Vol.16(2) [June 1987]71-76
Long period waves in the coastal regions of north Indian OceanKumar, P V Hareesh; Sanilkumar, K VIJMS Vol.33(2) [June 2004]150-154
Mixing in the Arabian Sea off Calicut during February 1985Madhusoodanan, P; Kumar, P V Hareesh; Kumar, N MohanIJMS Vol.22(3) [September 1993]194-197
Multiple subsurface maxima in vertical salinity structure: A case studyKumar, P V Hareesh; Kumar, N Mohan; Radhakrishnan, K GIJMS Vol.24(2) [June 1995]77-81
Response of the upper layers of the northern and central Bay of Bengal to the atmospheric events during summer monsoon of 1999Kumar, P V HareeshIJMS Vol.43(5) [May 2014]715-723
Short term responses in ocean thermal characteristics during winter to atmospheric forcing and advection off Bombay, west coast of IndiaJoseph, M G; Kumar, P V HareeshIJMS Vol.18(1) [March 1989]60-65
Thermohaline and current structure off Cochin during December 1986Mathew, Basil; Kumar, K V Sanil; Kumar, P V Hareesh; Madhusoodanan, P; James, V VIJMS Vol.20(4) [December 1991]244-248
Upper ocean thermal structure off Karwar (west coast of India) during the withdrawal phase of monsoon-1987Kumar, P V Hareesh; Kumar, T Pradeep; Mathew, B; Joseph, M XIJMS Vol.19(1) [March 1990]36-41
Validation of IRS P4 MSMR data over the central Bay of Bengal during July-August 1999Joseph, K Jossia; Rao, C V K Prasada; Kumar, P V Hareesh; Kumar, N MohanIJRSP Vol.31(4) [August 2002]210-215