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Active marker based kinematic and spatio-temporal gait measurement system using LabVIEW visionKumar, Neelesh; Kunju, Nissan; Kumar, Amod; Sohi, B SJSIR Vol.69(08) [August 2010]600-605
Design Analysis of Variable Damping Mechanism Using Magnetorheological Fluids for Adaptive Prosthetic FootVerma, Shubham; Kumar, Neelesh; Kumar, AmodJSIR Vol.72(04) [April 2013]213-216
Effect of frequency and amplitude of FES pulses on muscle fatigue during toning of musclesKumar, Neelesh; Sharma, V K; Agnihotri, R C; Dinesh; Pankaj; Jindal, Rohit; Mehta, Deepak; Raj BhadurJSIR Vol.67(4) [April 2008]288-290
Evaluation of normal Gait using electro-goniometerKumar, Neelesh; Pankaj, Dinesh; Mahajan, Ankit; Kumar, Amod; Sohi, B SJSIR Vol.68(08) [August 2009]696-698
FES supported sitting-standing-sitting of completely paraplegic patientKumar, Neelesh; Pankaj, Dinesh; Sharma, V K; Agnihotri, R C; Jindal, RohitJSIR Vol.68(07) [July 2009]605-607
Low cost prototype development of electronic kneeKumar, Neelesh; Soni, Sanjeev; Kumar, Amod; Sohi, B SJSIR Vol.69(06) [June 2010]444-448
Machine Learning based Electromyography Signal Classification with Optimized Feature Selection for Foot MovementsKhera, Preeti; Kumar, Neelesh; Ahuja, ParulJSIR Vol.79(11) [November 2020]1011-1016
Development of four channel programmable FES system using multi-tap transformers Sharma, V K; Agnihotri, R C; Pankaj, Dinesh; Kumar, Neelesh; Jindal, Rohit; Mehta, Deepak; Bahadur, RajJSIR Vol.65(06) [June 2006]507-509
Virtual Reality based Therapy Modules for Rehabilitation of Upper-limb Movements of Stroke Patients: A Trial StudyChauhan, Aarti; Kumar, Neelesh; Saxena, SomyaJSIR Vol.79(09) [September 2020]794-797
Walking Foot Insoles for Dynamic Postural Analysis of Patients with Gait Imbalance: A Preliminary ReportWalia, Shilpa; Kumar, Neelesh; Sherwani, Kashif; Bari, Swapnil; Saxena, SomyaJSIR Vol.79(09) [September 2020]780-783