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Chemical speciation and biological activity of bivalent metal complexes of polydentate amide ligandsGarg, Bhagwan Singh; Sarbhai, Meenu; Kumar, Deo NandanIJC-A Vol.42A(02) [February 2003]275-279
Complexation equilibria and evaluation of thermodynamic parameters of bivalent metal complexes of glutathioneSingh, P K; Garg, B S; Kumar, Deo Nandan; Singh, B KIJC-A Vol.40A(12) [December 2001]1339-1343
Micellar spectrofluorimetric determination of lead(II) in natural water, waste water and egg samples with N-(2สน-pyridyl)- 2-hydroxybenzamideGarg, B S; Bhojak, N; Kumar, Deo NandanIJC-A Vol.44A(07) [July 2005]1410-1412
Solid phase extraction of lead using modified cellulose in natural, wastewater and egg samplesSingh, Bibhesh Kumar; Kumar, Deo Nandan; Garg, Bhagwan SIJCT Vol.12(4) [July 2005]413-418
Spectral and thermal characterization of new biomimetic polydentate amide ligandsGarg, Bhagwan S; Sarbhai, Meenu; Kumar, Deo NandanIJC-A Vol.43A(05) [May 2004]1106-1108
Spectral and thermal studies of homodinuclear and heterodinuclear glutathione complexesGarg, Bhagwan S; Kumar, Deo Nandan; Singh, B KIJC-A Vol.41A(06) [June 2002]1205-1207
Spectral characterization of tetradentate Schiff base complexes of N2O2 donor groupsKumar, Deo NandanIJC-A Vol.59A(02) [February 2020]200-206
Thermodynamic parameters and stability constants of lanthanide(III) complexes of biologically active glutathione (GSH) and their chemical speciationGarg, B S; Singh, B K; Kumar, Deo Nandan; Singh, P KIJC-A Vol.42A(01) [January 2003]79-83