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Comparative study of compressibilities of ternary liquid systems from two liquid state model at 298.15 KShukla, R K; Kumar, Atul; Srivastava, Kirti; Yadav, ShilpiIJPAP Vol.45(9) [September 2007]726-732
Comparative study of two liquid models in the prediction of excess thermodynamic properties of liquid ternary systemsShukla, R K; Kumar, Atul; Mishra, Manoj; Dwivedi, PreetiIJPAP Vol.46(9) [Sepetember 2008]629-636
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by ethanolamides in hydrochloric acidChaudhary, R S; Tyagi, D K; Rani, Mamta; Kumar, AtulJSIR Vol.66(1) [January 2007]47-51
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid by cetyl compoundsChaudhary, R S; Tyagi, D K; Kumar, AtulJSIR Vol.66(10) [October 2007]835-840
Pharmacognostical studies on the leaves of Sarcochlamys pulcherrima (Roxb.) Goud.Deb, Bikash Ch.; Kumar, Atul; Chetia, DipakIJNPR Vol.5(2) [June 2014]164-170
Diffuse phase transition in Ba5RTi3Nb7O30 [R = La, Y] ferroelectric ceramicsShannigrahi, S R; Choudhary, R N P; Kumar, Atul; Acharya, H NIJPAP Vol.37(06) [June 1999]476-481
Pharmaceutical, physico-chemical and clinical study on "Shuddha Manahshila" with special reference to Kasa Roga Kumar, AtulIJTK Vol.03(3) [July 2004]240-246
Temperature controlled stereospecific epoxidation of 5-adrosten-3β, 17β-diol diacetate. Preparation of 6α-and 6β-substituted androstane derivativesSrivastava, Brijesh Kumar; Kumar, Atul; Dwivedy, I; Ray, SuprabhatIJC-B Vol.40B(05) [May 2001]410-413
The use of basic resin in the preparation of tetrahydropyranyl derivatives of alcohols and phenolsChaturvedi, Devdutt; Kumar, Atul; Ray, SIJC-B Vol.43B(02) [February 2004]437-438