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Chemoselective Knoevenagel reaction as a novel route for the synthesis of biscoumarinyl methylsulphones and 4+1, 1+4 approach synthesis of aminooxadiazolyl and N-(2,5-dimethyl)pyrrolylcoumarinsAlawandi, Ganesh N; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.45B(01) [January 2006]258-266
Dual fluorescence and biological evaluation of paracetamol ethers from 4-bromomethylcoumarinsShastri, Lokesh A; Manjunath, Ghate D; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.43B(11) [November 2004]2416-2422
New 1,3-dipolar cycloadducts of 3-azidoacetylcoumarins with DMAD and their antimicrobial activityKusanur, Raviraj A; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.44B(03) [March 2005]591-594
Non-sulphur containing Z-1-chloro-3-coumarinyl -2-bromo ethylenes from chlorosulfonation of 3-bromoacetylcoumarinsNaik, Reshma J; Kulkarni, Manohar V; Palakshamurthy, B S; Devarajegowda, H CIJC-B Vol.52B(11) [November 2013]1468-1472
Synthesis and anti-bacterial evaluation of 4-aryloxymethyl carbostyrils derived from substructures and degradation products of VancomycinRevankar, Hrishikesh M; Arali, Shweta; Yakkerimath, Shilpa; Revankar, Pooja P; Naik, Vijaykumar; Anand, Ashish; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.55B(05) [May 2016]637-642
Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of 4-(5'-acetyl-6'-hydroxy -3'-methyl-benzofuran-2'-yl) coumarin and 6-acetyl-3, 7-dimethyl-2-(coumarin-4'-yl) furo [3,2-g] chromen-5-oneGhate, Manjunath; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.44B(08) [August 2005]1674-1678
Synthesis and biological evaluation of some sterically hindered 4-[2'-benzo(b)furanyl]coumarinsKhan, Imthyaz Ahmed; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.38B(04) [April 1999]491-494
Synthesis of isomeric naphthofuranyl coumarins as anti-inflammatory and analgesic agentsYaragatti, Naazneen; Khanapurmath, Netravati; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.60B(07) [July 2021]1007-1013
Synthesis, spectral studies and biological evaluation of some new 4-substituled coumarinsAnklekar, Kiran Y; Lakkannavar, Chandrashekhar D; Kulkarni, Geeta M; Kulkarni, Manohar VIJC-B Vol.42B(06) [June 2003]1548-1550