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Application of commercial zeolite-13X in the treatment of simulated and actual radioactive effluent containing caesiumSinha, P K; Lal, K B; Panicker, P K; Amalraj, R V; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.33A(10) [October 1994]924-928
Catalytic transformation of 2-phenylethanol over alumina based catalystsVivekanandan, G; Swaminathan, C S; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.32A(03) [March 1993]215-220
Catalytic transformation of camphene over alumina, silica-alumina and zeolite catalystsElangovan, S P; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.32A(12) [December 1993]1041-1045
Characterisation of titania, zirconia and alumina powders for their surface area and pore size distributionSeshadri, K S; Sumangala, R K; Raj, S S; Lal, K B; Panicker, P K; Krishnasamy, VIJEMS Vol.03(2) [April 1996]85-87
Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol over Chromite SpinelsBalasubramanian, K; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.21A(08) [August 1982]813-815
Effect of Dielectric & Thermodynamic Properties of Solvents on Hydrogenation of Nitrobenzene in Slurry Phase over Platinum-Alumina CatalystKrishnasamy, V; Balasubramanian, V SIJC-A Vol.23A(07) [July 1984]589-590
Influence of coke on the aromatization of 3-carene in the vapour phase over zeolitesEswaramoorthy, M; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.40A(03) [March 2001]264-269
Isomorphous substitution of chromium in AlPO-11 and AlPO-5 framework and their applications in the aromatization of 3-careneEswaramoorthy, M; Mohan, V; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.40A(06) [June 2001]605-609
Isopropylation of benzene in the vapour phase over zeolite beta modified by lanthanum, cerium, gallium and zincGnanapragasam, S; Krishnasamy, V; Mohan, VIJC-A Vol.40A(09) [September 2001]947-952
Morphology of platinum-alumina catalyst and elucidation of platinum ensembleBalasubramanian, K; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.29A(11) [November 1990]1140-1142
Preparation and characterization of alumina membranes by anodic oxidation of aluminiumSeshadri, K S; Sinha, P K; Babu, C Anand; Varatharajan, K; Srinivasan, M P; Lal, K B; Amalraj, R V; Panicker, P K; Krishnasamy, VIJCT Vol.01(3) [May 1994]161-164
Preparation of inorganic microfiltration membranes and their characterizationSeshadri, K S; Lal, K B; Kesavamoorthy, R; Muthiah, Pushpa; Selvaraj, M; Krishnasamy, VIJEMS Vol.10(1) [February 2003]75-81
Separation of thorium from radioactive liquid waste by OXAL processSinha, P K; Lal, K B; Amalraj, R V; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.31A(10) [October 1992]808-810
Synthesis and characterization of ALPO4-5 molecular sieve using triethanolamine as templateUlagappan, N; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.34A(05) [May 1995]375-376
Synthesis and characterization of titanium-aluminophosphate molecular sieves of AFI and AEL topologiesUlagappan, N; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.35A(11) [November 1996]920-924
Synthesis of zeolite-Y using benzyltriethylammonium chloride as templateGopalakrishnan, G; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.29A(11) [November 1990]1111-1114
Synthesis, characterisation and aniline methylation activity of VAPO-5 and VAPO-11Elangovan, S P; Krishnasamy, V; Murugesan, VIJC-A Vol.34A(06) [June 1995]469-471
Synthesis, characterization and phenol hydroxylation reaction of zeolite-Y encapsulated metal-salen complexesUlagappan, N; Krishnasamy, VIJC-A Vol.35A(09) [September 1996]787-789
Vapour phase catalytic transformations of 3-carene over chromium impregnated zeolites: Influence of organic basesKrishnasamy, V; Eswaramoorthy, MIJCT Vol.08(3) [May 2001]162-168