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Group VI metal carbonyl complexes of (amino)spirocyclic cyclotriphosphazenesChandrasekaran, A; Krishnamurthy, S SIJC-A Vol.33A(05) [May 1994]391-394
Organometallic derivatives of diphosphazanes: Part 3†-The reaction of PhN{P(OPh)2}2 with [Fe(η5-C5H5)(CO)2]2, unusual cleavage of a P-N bond to yield a complek containing P(OPh)2 and PhNP(OPh)2 unitsBalakrishna, M S; Krishnamurthy, S SIJC-A Vol.30A(06) [June 1991]536-537
Studies of Phosphazenes Part: 24†-Cyclophosphazenecarboxylate Derivatives & Their Use in Synthesis of AmidesKatti, K V; Krishnamurthy, S SIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]384-386
Studies of Phosphazenes: Part 16†-Spectroscopic Investigations of Bicyclic Phosphazenes of Types N4P4(NHR)6(NR) & N4P4(NMe2)5 (NHR') (NR)Ramabrahmam, P; Dhathathreyan, K S; Krishnamurthy, S S; Michael, WoodsIJC-A Vol.22A(01) [January 1983]1-5
Studies of Phosphazenes: Part 20†-Spirocyclic FluorocyclotriphosphazenesSwamy, K C Kumara; Krishnamurthy, S SIJC-A Vol.23A(09) [September 1984]717-723
Studies of Phosphazenes: Part 23†-Some Reactions of Octachlorocyclotetraphosphazene with Aliphatic Difunctional ReagentsChandrasekhar, V; Karthikeyan, S; Krishnamurthy, S S; Woods, MichaelIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]379-383
Studies of Phosphazenes: Part 29† - Reaction of Octachlorocyclotetraphosphazene with Sodium 2,2,2-TrifluoroethoxideSwamy, K C Kumara; Krishnamurthy, S S; Murthy, A R Vasudeva; Shaw, R A; Woods, MIJC-A Vol.25A(11) [November 1986]1004-1011