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Hydrothermal synthesis of NiFe2O4, Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4 and Ni0.6Zn0.4Fe2O4/SrFe2O4: nanostructure, magnetic and dielectric propertiesSingh, Sukhdeep; Singh, Manpreet; Kotnala, R K; Verma, Kuldeep ChandIJPAP Vol.52(08) [August 2014]550-555
Interdependence of nano grain size, alloying effects and magnetic properties of Ni-Cu-Al alloysKarar, N; Srivastava, A K; Kotnala, R KIJPAP Vol.50(10) [October 2012]727-733
Magnetic measurements on electrical steel strips using standard Epstein frameKotnala, R KIJPAP Vol.38(11) [November 2000]797-800
Microwave device jig characterization for ferromagnetic resonance induced spin Hall effect measurement in bilayer thin filmsAhmad, Saood; Shah, Jyoti; Katiyar, Anurag K; Chaujar, Rishu; Puri, Nitin K; Negi, P S; Kotnala, R KIJPAP Vol.54(01) [January 2016]60-65
Multiferroic Pb1-xSrx(Fe0.012Ti0.988)O3 nanoparticles: Room temperature dielectric relaxation, ferroelectricity and ferromagnetismVerma, Kuldeep Chand; Ram, Mast; Kotnala, R K; Bhatt, S S; Negi, N SIJPAP Vol.48(08) [August 2010]593-599
Nanosize dependent electrical and magnetic properties of NiFe2O4 ferriteSingh, Sukhdeep; Ralhan, N K; Kotnala, R K; Verma, Kuldeep ChandIJPAP Vol.50(10) [October 2012]739-743
Properties of nanocrystalline Ni-Fe-Ti alloysKarar, N; Kotnala, R KIJPAP Vol.51(10) [October 2013]708-712
Size dependent dielectric properties of Co and Fe doped SnO2 nanoparticles and their nanorods by Ce co-dopingKaur, Jasneet; Gupta, Vinay; Kotnala, R K; Verma, Kuldeep ChandIJPAP Vol.50(01) [January 2012]57-63
Ultrafast adsorption of organic dyes by activated-carbon@Fe3O4 nanoscale composites: An effective solution for water purificationSaini, Parveen; Sharma, Rahul; Pant, R P; Kotnala, R KIJPAP Vol.56(03) [March 2018]187-195