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Alkylation of isonitrile derivatives with 2,2׳-bis(bromomethyl)-1,1'-biphenylKotha, Sambasivarao; Behera, ManoranjanIJC-B Vol.43B(05) [May 2004]922-926
Catalytic metathesis reaction in organic synthesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Sreenivasachary, NampallyIJC-B Vol.40B(09) [September 2001]763-780
Design and synthesis of polycyclic indoles under green conditions via Fischer indolizationKotha, Sambasivarao; Chinnam, Ajay Kumar; Sreenivasachary, Nampally; Ali, RashidIJC-B Vol.55B(09) [September 2016]1107-1111
Design and synthesis of spiro-heterocycles by ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Deb, Ashoke ChandraIJCB Vol.47B(7) [July 2008]1120-1134
Design and synthesis of spirotruxene and spirofluorene derivativesKotha, Sambasivarao; Ali, Rashid; Panguluri, Nageswara Rao; Deb, Ashoke ChandraIJC-B Vol.57B(12) December 2018]1489-1492
First synthesis of indane-based α-amino acid derivatives with a crown ether side chainKotha, Sambasivarao; Brahmachary, EnugurthiIJC-B Vol.40B(01) [January 2001]1-4
A new and simple synthetic approach to functionalized sulphone derivatives by the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactionKotha, Sambasivarao; Ghosh, Arun KumarIJC-B Vol.45B(01) [January 2006]227-231
Preparation of functionalised tetraphenylmethane derivatives via the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactionKotha, Sambasivarao; Behera, ManoranjanIJC-B Vol.45B(12) December 2006]2684-2689
Protection and deprotection sequence in tetracyclo[,11 .05,9]undeca-2,7-dione system using tetrachlorosilaneKotha, Sambasivarao; Chakraborty, KakaliIJC-B Vol.39B(05) [May 2000]382-383
A general synthetic approach to para-cyclophanes via ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Shirbhate, Mukesh EIJC-B Vol.54B(12) December 2015]1483-1494
Allylation of cis-bicyclo(3.3.0)octane 3,7-dione derivatives via fragmentation methodology Kotha, Sambasivarao; Sivakumar, Rallapalli; Manivannan, EthirajanIJC-B Vol.40B(12) December 2001]1245-1247
Synthesis and carbonylation of aryl acetylenesKotha, Sambasivarao; Tafesh, Ahmed; Davenport, Kenneth; Ortiz, PhilipIJC-B Vol.40B(12) December 2001]1166-1169
Synthesis of cage heterocycles containing tetrahydrofuran and pyran ring system via Grignard addition and ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Cheekatla, Subba RaoIJC-B Vol.59B(01) [January 2020]75-84
Synthesis of cis-syn-cis and cis-anti-cis linear triquinanes via photo-thermal metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Cheekatla, Subba RaoIJC-B Vol.59B(10) [October 2020]1556-1563
Synthesis of conformationally constrained α-amino acid derivatives containing bicyclo[2.2.2] unit via the Diels-Alder and Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions as key stepsKotha, Sambasivarao; Meshram, Milind; Muthusamy, GopinathanIJC-B Vol.54B(04) [April 2015]505-513
Synthesis of conformationally constrained ⍺-imino acid derivatives via ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Khedkar, PritiIJCB Vol.46B(6) [June 2007]975-979
Synthesis of highly constrained unusual α-amino acid derivative by the Diels-Alder approachKotha, Sambasivarao; Ghosh, Arun Kumar; Behera, ManoranjanIJC-B Vol.41B(11) [November 2002]2330-2332
Synthesis of indane-based [n.3.3] propellane derivatives via ring-closing metathesisKotha, Sambasivarao; Chinnam, Ajay KumarIJC-B Vol.56B(10) [October 2017]1065-1069
Synthesis of nano-sized C3-symmetric 2,4,6-triphenyl-1,3,5-s-triazine and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene derivatives via the trimerization followed by Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling or O-alkylation reactions and their biological evaluationKotha, Sambasivarao; Kashinath, Dhurke; Lopus, Manu; Panda, DulalIJC-B Vol.48B(12) December 2009]1766-1770
Synthesis of optically active benzocyclobutene and biphenylene based unusual α-amino acid derivativesKotha, Sambasivarao; Halder, SomnathIJC-B Vol.42B(04) [April 2003]863-872