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Computer simulation of technetium scrubbing in PUREX systemsKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.06(3) [May 1999]176-178
An extended salt-effect model for organic solubility of water in a 5-100% tri-n-butyl phosphate/diluent/nitric acid/water biphasic system at 298.15 KKumar, Shekhar; Kumar, Rajnish; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.15(3) (May 2008)287-290
An extended Setschenow model for aqueous solubility of TBP in 5-100% TBP/n-dodecane- nitric acid-water biphasic system at 298.2 KKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.06(2) [March 1999]90-92
Modelling and simulation of extraction behaviour of n-butyraldehyde in 30%TBP/n-dodecane purex biphasic systemKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.09(4) [July 2002]346-349
Modelling of distribution coefficients of nitrous acid in 15-30 vol.% TBP/n-dodecane-nitric acid systemKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.07(6) [November 2000]336-337
Purex distribution modelling: Benchmarking of an empirical model for nitric acid extraction in biphasic systemKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.05(6) [November 1998]368-370
Sensitivity analysis of a FBR fuel reprocessing flowsheetKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.06(3) [May 1999]142-145
A simple two-parameter equation for predicting the densities of pure liquids and a case study involving six estersKumar, Shekhar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.07(6) [November 2000]342-343
Simulation of electro-mixer-settler for the partitioning of uranium and plutonium in PUREX processPandey, N K; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.11(4) [July 2004]535-547
Empirical modelling of U(IV) third phase formation in 30% TBP/n-dodecane systemKumar, Shekhar Kumar; Koganti, S BIJCT Vol.04(6) [November 1997]303-307