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Bactericidal activity of kitchen spices and condiments on enteropathogensVaishnavi, Chetana; Kaur, Sukhminderjit; Kaur, ManpreetNPR Vol.6(1) [January-February 2007]40-45
Impact of hypercholesterolemia on in vitro toxicity of N-nitrosodiethylamine: Effect on lipidperoxidation of blood and tissueMittal, Gaurav; Kaur, Manpreet; Soni, GiridharIJEB Vol.40(09) [September 2002]1071-1073
Investigation of clustering effects and fragmentation in light mass nuclear systems formed in heavy ion reactionsKaur, Manpreet; Singh, Bir Bikram; Patra, S KIJPAP Vol.57(08) [August 2019]584-589
Isolation and characterization of two N-acetyl-D-lactosamine specific lectins from tubers of Arisaema intermedium Blume and A. wallichianum Hook fKaur, Manpreet; Singh, Jatinder; Kamboj, Sukhdev Singh; Singh, Jagmohan; Kaur, Amandeep; Sood, S K; Saxena, A KIJBB Vol.42(1) [February 2005]34-40
NMR studies of N-vinyl pyrrolidone / 4-vinyl pyridine copolymersHooda, Sunita; Kumar, Rajeev; Kaur, ManpreetIJC-A Vol.43A(03) [March 2004]527-531
Preparation of ferrites from the combustion of metal nitrate-oxalyl dihydrazide solutionsRandhawa, B S; Dosanjh, H S; Kaur, ManpreetIJEMS Vol.12(2) [April 2005]151-154
Preparation of zinc ferrite from the thermolysis of zinc tris (malonato) ferrate (III) decahydrateRandhawa, B S; Kaur, ManpreetIJEMS Vol.10(2) [April 2003]148-150
Solvation studies of dimethylsulfoxide in non-aqueous solvents at high temperatures and at an atmospheric pressureKaur, ManpreetIJC Vol.61(02) [February 2022]144-153
Triton-B/CS2 mediated novel synthesis of substituted thioureas: A novel class of anti-cancer agentsSrivastava, Nitin; Chaturvedi, Devdutt; Kishore, Ram; Kaur, Manpreet; Kaur, RaminderjitIJC Vol.61(08) [AUG 2022]870-877