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Basic industrial information sources- An overviewKarki, M M SALIS Vol.28(1-4) [March-December 1981]73-76
Information needs of Indian industryKarki, M M SALIS Vol.29(1) [March 1982]8-11
IPR Issues Associated with Internet Domain NamesKarki, M M SJIPR Vol.05(5) [September 2000]256-261
Natural Product Innovations: TaxolKarki, M M S; Gupta, V KJIPR Vol.05(4) [July 2000]206-210
Neem-based Natural Product Innovations: Analysis of PatentsKarki, M M SJIPR Vol.06(1) [January 2001]27-37
Nontraditional Areas of Intellectual Property Protection: Colour, Sound, Taste, Smell, Shape, Slogan and Trade DressKarki, M M SJIPR Vol.10(6) [November 2005]499-506
Personal Data Privacy and IntellectualKarki, M M SJIPR Vol.10(1) [January 2005]59-63
Some less conventional sources of industrial informationKarki, M M SALIS Vol.31(1-2) [March-June 1984]52-55
Technology Trends in Biosensors as Reflected by Patent AnalysisKarki, M M SJIPR Vol.05(6) [November 2000]327-332