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Development of a low energy ion beam facility at NSCKanjilal, D; Madhu, T; Rodrigues, G O; Rao, U K; Safvan, C P; Roy, AIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]25-28
Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on the electrical characteristics of Ag/n-Si Schottky diodeSingh, R; Arora, S K; Singh, J P; Singh, F; Kanjilal, DIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]298-302
Improvement in gas stripping capability by installation of turbo molecular pump system in the tenninal of 15 UD pelletronChopra, S; Pawar, N S; Singh, M P; Kumar, Rakesh; Prasad, J; Patel, V P; Pal, Raj; Kumar, B; Ojha, S; Sota, M; Barua, P; Gargari, S; Joshi, R; Kanjilal, D; Datta, S KIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]84-86
Ion beam induced mass transport and correlated structure formation on semiconductor surfacesSingh, J P; Mishra, N C; Singh, R; Singh, F; Ganesan, V; Kanjilal, DIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]310-319
Modifications and developments done for the problems encountered in NSC pelletronJoshi, R; Patel, V; Barua, P; Sota, M; Gargari, S; Panwar, N S; Singh, B; Singh, M P; Kumar, R; Prasad, J; Chopra, S; Datta, S K; Kanjilal, DIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]87-95
Single-gap multi-harmonic buncher for NSC pelletronSarkar, A; Ghosh, S; Barua, P; Joshi, R; Ahuja, R; Rao, S; Krishnan, S A; Malyadri, A J; Kumar, R.; Gargari, S; Chopra, S; Kanjilal, D; Datta, S K; Roy, A; Bhowmik, R K; Tilbrook, I R; Clifft, B EIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]15-19
Vacuum leak problem in low energy of pelletronGargari, Satinath; Chopra, S; Joshi, Rajan; Ojha, S; Sota, M; Barua, P; Patel, V; Prasad, J; Kumar, R; Singh, B; Panwar, N S; Singh, M P; Datta, S K; Kanjilal, DIJPAP Vol.39(01-02) [January-February 2001]78-80