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Anomalous Behaviour of Electric Field in the Neighbourhood of Totality of Solar EclipseManohar, G K; Kandalgaonkar, S S; Murty, Bh V RamanaIJRSP Vol.14(2&3) [April & June 1985]80-81
A case study of weekday variations in electrical parameters at AthensKandalgaonkar, S SIJRSP Vol.21(3) [June 1992]153-157
Diurnal and seasonal variations of point discharge current during thunderstorms at a tropical inland stationKandalgaonkar, S S; Tinmaker, M I R; Kulkarni, M K; Nath, AshaIJRSP Vol.32(4) [August 2003]221-228
Environmental impact on electrical parameter and gaseous concentrationsKandalgaonkar, S S; Tinmaker, M I R; Kulkarni, M K; Nath, AshaIJRSP Vol.31(4) [August 2002]201-209
Estimation of electrical charges deposited to the ground by lightning in thunderstorms at PuneManohar, G K; Kandalgaonkar, S SIJRSP Vol.24(6) [December 1995]297-307
Precipitation-associated depletion in point discharge current in thunderstormsKandalgaonkar, S S; Tinmaker, M I R; Manohar, G KIJRSP Vol.25(3) [June 1996]129-135
Small ion mean lifetimes at five typical locations in Indian regionManohar, G K; Kandalgaonkar, S SIJRSP Vol.22(5) [October 1993]347-348
Study of electric field, Aitken nuclei, gaseous concentrations and ionic conditions in contrasting environmentKandalgaonkar, S S; Tinmaker, M I R; Kulkarni, M K; Nath, AshaIJPAP Vol.40(02) [February 2002]141-148
A study of the association of surface potential gradient with the onset of monsoon at PuneKandalgaonkar, S S; Manohar, G KIJRSP Vol.22(6) [December 1993]349-354