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Detection of tropical waves and tides using the Indian MST radar in ST modeIyer, K N; Pandey, R; Joshi, H P; Jivrajani, R DIJRSP Vol.23(1) [February 1994]52-58
Diurnal and seasonal variation of columnar ozone at RajkotGanguly, Nandita D; Ranjan, R R; Joshi, H P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.35(3) [June 2006]181-186
Lunar tidal effects on zonal and meridional equatorial electrojet currentsRastogi, R G; Joshi, H P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.24(1) [February 1995]39-44
A model of equatorial and low latitude VHF scintillation in IndiaIyer, K N; Souza, J R; Pathan, B M; Abdu, M A; Jivani, M N; Joshi, H PIJRSP Vol.35(2) [April 2006]98-104
Observations of tides and waves in the middle atmosphere using Indian MST radarJivrajani, R D; Iyer, K N; Joshi, H PIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]141-146
Power spectral studies of VHF ionospheric scintillations near the crest of the equatorial anomaly in IndiaIyer, K N; Jivani, M N; Abdu, M A; Joshi, H P; Aggarwal, MaliniIJRSP Vol.35(4) [August 2006]234-241
Seasonal differences of non-migrating tides in the troposphere and lower stratosphere over Gadanki (13.5°N, 79.2°E)Jani, Y N; Joshi, H P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.29(4) [August 2000]210-221
Study of aerosol optical depth and precipitable water vapour content at Rajkot, a tropical semi-arid stationRanjan, Ritweej Rajeev; Ganguly, Nandita D; Joshi, H P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]27-32
Study of ionospheric scintillations near the crest of equatorial anomaly in India using digital data basePathak, K N; Jivrajani, R D; Mathew, Boby; Joshi, H P; Iyer, K NIJRSP Vol.24(3) [June 1995]138-150