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Effect of nickel substitution on structural, infrared and elastic properties of lithium ferriteBhatu, S S; Lakhani, V K; Tanna, A R; Vasoya, N H; Buch, J U; Sharma, P U; Trivedi, U N; Joshi, H H; Modi, K BIJPAP Vol.45(7) [July 2007]596-608
Effect of water of hydration on the Mossbauer parameters in the gel grown iron(II) tartrate crystalsJoseph, S; Joshi, H H; Joshi, M JIJPAP Vol.39(07) [July 2001]471-473
⁵⁷Fe Mössbauer study of Ti⁴⁺-substituted Li₀․₅ ₍₁₊x ₎Cr₀․₁Fe₂․₄₋₁․₅xO₄ spinelsChhantbar, M C; Gismelseed, A; Modi, K B; Baldha, G J; Yousif, Ali; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.45(10) [October 2007]856-859
Frequency dependent dielectric behaviour of cadmium and chromium co-substituted nickel ferriteTrivedi, U N; Chhantbar, M C; Modi, K B; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.43(09) [September 2005]688-690
Magnetic behaviour of nano-sized and coarse powders of Cd-Ni ferrites synthesized by wet-chemical routeRangolia, M K; Chhantbar, M C; Tanna, A R; Modi, K B; Baldha, G J; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.46(1) [January 2008]60-64
Effect of Fe3+ substitution on structural and macro-magnetic properties of yttrium iron garnetModi, Kunal B; Shah, H J; Trivedi, U N; Vara, R P; Chhantbar, M C; Joshi, H HIJEMS Vol.10(6) [December 2003]502-506
Study of elastic properties of fine particle copper-zinc ferrites through infrared spectroscopyModi, K B; Trivedi, U N; Sharma, P U; Lakhani, V K; Chhantbar, M C; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.44(02) [February 2006]165-168
X-ray, SEM, far IR characterization and bulk magnetic properties of Zn2+ substituted copper ferrite synthesized by co- precipitation techniqueParmar, V G; Modi, Kunal B; Joshi, H HIJPAP Vol.37(03) [March 1999]207-214