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Determination of cadmium and bismuth in biological samples by differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetryDeshpande, S S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.29A(03) [March 1990]295-297
Determination of indium by differential pulse polarographyDeshpande, S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.28A(10) [October 1989]924-925
Determination of Pb and Zn in pottery using differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetryGhumare, Sushama; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.37A(10) [October 1998]942-944
Determination of Traces of Molybdenum by Differential Pulse PolarographyDeshpande, S S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.26A(04) [April 1987]358-359
Differential pulse polarographic determination of palladium and rutheniumSawangikar, Nilima; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.33A(01) [January 1994]77-79
Rapid Determination of Lead By Differential Pulse PolarographyPatwardhan, A A; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.24A(12) [December 1985]1077-1078
Rapid Determination of Manganese by Differential Pulse and Alternating Current (1st harmonic) PolarographyLakhani, Rashmi; Deshpande, S S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.27A(01) [January 1988]85-86
Simultaneous Determination of Cobalt & Nickel with 3-Thiobenzoyl-1-p-tolylthiocarbamideAmbhore, D P; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.25A(07) [July 1986]699-700
Tetramethylthiuram Monosulphide as a Selective Reagent for Microdetermination of Copper(II)Ilyas, S Q R; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.22A(10) [October 1983]907-908
Trace Determination of Iron (III) by Differential Pulse PolarographyLakhani, Rashmi; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.28A(01) [January 1989]86-87
Trace determination of Ni(II) and Co(II) by adsorptive stripping voltammetry using I-nitroso-2-naphtholJugade, Ravin; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.42A(01) [January 2003]94-96
Trace Level Determination of Gallium by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping VoltammetryDeshpande, S S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.26A(09) [September 1987]797-798
Trace Level Determination of Zinc by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping VoltammetryDeshpande, S S; Joshi, A PIJC-A Vol.27A(02) [February 1988]179-180