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Certain Aspects of Ionospheric Noon Bite-out Phenomenon at WaltairBharathi, G; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.15(4) [August 1986]139-142
Diurnal Development of the Equatorial Anomaly in the Topside IonosphereRao, M Prabhakara; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.08(5&6) [October & December 1979]310-317
Effects of Magnetic & Sunspot Activities on the Topside IonosphereRao, M Prabhakara; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.05(4) [December 1976]265-268
Electron Density Changes during Solar Eclipse of 16 Feb. 1980 at GauhatiBharathi, G; Raj, P Ernest; Murthy, B Narasimha; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.11(3) [June 1982]96-99
Horizontal Drifts as a Diagnostic Tool for Vertical Motions of Nocturnal F-region-An Experimental EvidenceRamesh, K Satya; Rao, M Srirama; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]164-165
Scale Heights & Transition Levels in the Topside Ionosphere during Magnetically Quiet & Disturbed DaysRao, M Prabhakara; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.05(1) [March 1976]1-5
Seasonal Anomaly in the Topside Ionosphere for Quiet & Disturbed ConditionsRao, M Prabhakara; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.08(1) [February 1979]10-14
Seasonal Variation of Nocturnal Vertical Drifts over WaltairRamesh, K Satya; Rao, M Srirama; Jogulu, C; Rao, B MIJRSP Vol.13(5) [October 1984]151-153
A Study of F-region Characteristics at a Low Latitude StationRao, B A; Jogulu, CIJRSP Vol.10(2) [April 1981]65-69
Study of Nighttime Vertical Drifts in F-region over Waltair Using Phase-path TechniqueRai, P Ernest; Rao, M Srirama; Jogulu, C; Rao, B MadhusudhanaIJRSP Vol.09(4) [August 1980]147-150