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24-Ethyl-cholest-22-en-3ɑ-ol and other constituents from the roots of Holoptelea integrifoliaJain, Renuka; Alam, Shahla; Jain, SatishIJC-B Vol.37B(02) [February 1998]190-191
Chemical transformation of lapachol to dehydroiso-α-lapachone and related quinonesSingh, Pahup; Jain, Renuka; Krishna, VivekIJC-B Vol.40B(02) [February 2001]89-92
Manganese dioxide oxidation of 18- acetoxy-12, 19-dihydroxy geranyl nerolSingh, Pahup; Jain, Renuka; Krishna, VivekIJC-B Vol.37B(10) [October 1998]1044-1047
Micropropagation of Verbesina encelioides—An invasive weedJain, Satish C; Jain, Renuka; Singh, RenuIJBT Vol.9(3) [July 2010]333-335
A new tetracyclic phenol and other constituents from the roots of Bauhinia racemosaJain, Renuka; Alam, Shahla; Saxena, UmeshIJC-B Vol.41B(06) [June 2002]1321-1322
A novel ionic liquid mediated synthesis of 2,3-dihydro-1,5-benzothiazepines using recycleable catalyst Amberlyst-15Yadav, Tripti; Kumar, Manoj; Jain, Renuka; Yadav, Ashok KIJC-B Vol.51B(10) [October 2012]1447-1451
A novel one pot room temperature ionic liquid mediated synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine ribofuranosidesYadav, Ashok K; Kumar, Manoj; Yadav, Tripti; Jain, RenukaIJC-B Vol.49B(04) [April 2010]461-468
A novel synthesis of spiro[5H-1,4-diazepine-5,3'-[3H]indol]-2'(1'H)-ones and spiro[2H-1,5-benzodiazepine-2,3'-[3H]indol]-2'(1'H)-onesBajpai, Saroj Nishith; Jain, Renuka; Joshi, Krishna CIJC-B Vol.36B(11) [November 1997]1005-1008
Saponins from the roots of Mimosa hamata Willd.Jain, Renuka; Arora, Rekha; Jain, Satish CIJC-B Vol.36B(01) [January 1997]61-64
Synthesis, reactions and anthelmintic activity of 1-[benzimidazol-2-yl]-4-formyl-3-[2′ (-substituted phenyl) indole-3-yl] pyrazolesSharma, Kanti; Jain, RenukaIJC-B Vol.51B(10) [October 2012]1462-1469