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Current-mode and transimpedance-mode universal biquadratic filter using multiple outputs CCIIsHorng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]169-174
Current-mode and transimpedance-mode universal biquadratic filter using two current conveyorsHorng, Jiun-Wei; Wu, Chang-Ming; Herencsar, NorbertIJEMS Vol.24(6) [December 2017]461-468
Current-mode universal biquadratic filter with five inputs and one output using three ICCIIsHorng, Jiun-WeiIJPAP Vol.49(03) [March 2011]214-217
Current/voltage-mode third order quadrature oscillator employing two multiple outputs CCIIs and grounded capacitorsHorng, Jiun-WeiIJPAP Vol.49(07) [July 2011]494-498
Fully differential first-order allpass filters using a DDCCHorng, Jiun-Wei; Wu, Chang-Ming; Herencsar, NorbertIJEMS Vol.21(4) [August 2014]345-350
High input impedance DDCC-based voltage-mode universal biquadratic filter with three inputs and five outputsHorng, Jiun-Wei; Chiu, Wei-YuanIJEMS Vol.18(3) [June 2011]183-190
High input impedance first-order allpass, highpass and lowpass filters with grounded capacitor using single DVCCHorng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.17(3) [June 2010]175-178
Three-input-one-output current-mode universal biquadratic filter using one differential difference current conveyorHorng, Jiun-Wei; Wu, Chang-Ming; Herencsar, NorbertIJPAP Vol.52(08) [August 2014]556-562
Voltage-mode biquadratic filters with one input and five outputs using two DDCCsChiu, Wei-Yuan; Horng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.18(2) [April 2011]97-101
Voltage-mode universal biquad with five inputs and two outputs using two current feedback amplifiersHorng, Jiun-WeiIJEMS Vol.20(2) [April 2013]87-91
Voltage/current-mode universal biquadratic filter using single CCII+Horng, Jiun-WeiIJPAP Vol.48(10) [October 2010]749-756