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Application of multiple linear regression and artificial neural network algorithms to predict the total hand value of summer knitted T-shirtsHasani, Hossein; Shanbeh, MohsenIJFTR Vol.35(3) [September 2010]222-227
Effect of material and fabric parameters on fatigue value of weft knitted fabricsMoazzeni, Najmeh; Hasani, Hossein; Shanbeh, MohsenIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]130-134
Effects of different production processing stages on mechanical and surface characteristics of polylactic acid and PET fibre fabricsHasani, Hossein; Avinc, Ozan; Khoddami, AkbarIJFTR Vol.42(1) [March 2017]31-37
Geometrical modeling for bi-axial weft knitted fabrics based on rib structureAbghary, Mohammad Javad; Hasani, Hossein; Nedoushan, Reza JafariIJFTR Vol.42(4) [December 2017]431-438
Measuring the roughness of knitted fabrics by analysis of surface signals obtained from image processingHasani, Hossein; Behtaz, SanazIJFTR Vol.38(1) [March 2013]101-105
Modeling of heat transfer for interlock knitted fabric using finite element methodHasani, Hossein; Ajeli, Saeed; Nouri, NavidIJFTR Vol.38(4) [December 2013]415-419
Numerical modeling of bagging behavior of plain weft knitted fabric using finite element methodKarimian, Mitra; Hasani, Hossein; Ajeli, SaeedIJFTR Vol.39(2) [June 2014]204-208
Optimization and prediction of the pilling performance of weft knitted fabrics produced from wool/acrylic blended yarnsRejali, Mohammad; Hasani, Hossein; Ajeli, Saeed; Shanbeh, MohsenIJFTR Vol.39(1) [March 2014]83-88
Structural parameters effect on UVR transmission of weft knitted fabricsTaghipoor, Fatemeh; Hasani, Hossein; Khalili, HalehIJFTR Vol.40(4) [December 2015]386-391