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Chemical effects of anodic contact glow discharge electrolysis in aqueous formic acid solutions: Formation of oxalic acidGupta, Susanta K Sen; Singh, Rajeshwar; Srivastava, Ashok KIJC-A Vol.34A(06) [June 1995]459-461
Equilibria and kinetics of toluene-phase reaction of some triphenylmethane dye carbinols with mandelic and boromandelic acidsGupta, Susanta K Sen; Balasubramanian, O; Arvind, UIJC-A Vol.32A(09) [September 1993]810-813
On the primary yield of radical products of anodic contact glow discharge electrolysisSrivastava, Yamini; Jaiswal, Shilpi; Singh, Om Prakash; Gupta, Susanta K SenIJC-A Vol.53A(01) [January 2014]62-65
Origin of contact glow discharge electrolysis in aqueous solution: Effects of electrolyte temperature and surface tensionGupta, Susanta K Sen; Srivastava, Ashok K; Singh, RajeshwarIJC-A Vol.36A(11) [November 1997]945-950
Proton transfer equilibria between disubstituted benzoic acids and carbinol base of crystal violet in apolar aprotic solvents. Chemometric analysis of disubstituent effects on the strength of benzoic acid in chlorobenzeneGupta, Susanta K Sen; Shrivastava, RuchiIJCA Vol.47A(3) [March 2008]369-373
A quantitative solvent effect analysis on proton transfer equilibrium between m-fluorobenzoic acid and the carbinol base of crystal violet in apolar aprotic solventsGupta, Susanta K Sen; Rani, V. RadhaIJC-A Vol.38A(09) [September 1999]929-933
A study on equilibrium and kinetics of carbocation-to-carbinol conversion for di- and tri- arylmethane dye cations in aqueous solutions: Relative stabilities of dye carbocations and mechanism of dye carbinol formationGupta, Susanta K Sen; Mishra, Sangeeta; Rani, V RadhaIJC-A Vol.39A(07) [July 2000]703-708