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Dynamics of multiphasic glass powder catalyzed autoxidation of sulphur dioxide in bulk aqueous phaseRani, Ashu; Prasad, D S N; Jain, Usha; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.30A(09) [September 1991]756-764
Kinetics & Mechanism of Silver(I) Catalyzed Oxidation of Phosphorus Acid with Peroxodiphosphate in Acetate BuffersGupta, Bharati; Gupta, A K; Gupta, K S; Gupta, Y KIJC-A Vol.24A(11) [November 1985]927-931
Kinetics & Mechanism of the Oxidation of N-Methylformamide by Aquothallium(III) in Perchloric Acid MediaGupta, K S; Saxena, S DIJC-A Vol.21A(08) [August 1982]818-820
Kinetics and mechanism of heterogeneous cadmium sulphide and homogeneous manganese(II) catalysed oxidation of sulphur(IV) by dioxygen in acetate buffered mediumManoj, S V; Singh, R; Sharma, M; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.39A(05) [May 2000]507-521
Kinetics of oxidation of hydrazinium ion by peroxomonosulphate in perchloric acid solutionSharma, Madhu; Madnawat, P V S; Prasad, D S N; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.32A(03) [March 1993]251-253
Kinetics of oxidation of nitrite by peroxomonosulphateSharma, Madhu; Prasad, D S N; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]723-725
Kinetics of oxidation of sulphur(IV) by peroxodisulphate: Relative reactivity of bisulphite and sulphite ionsBhargava, Pinky; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.32A(03) [March 1993]201-204
Kinetics of silver(I) catalysed oxidation of sulphur(IV) by peroxodisulphateGupta, K S; Bhargava, P; Manoj, S VIJC-A Vol.38A(07) [July 1999]692-697
Oxidation of aqueous sulphur dioxide in suspensions of magnesium oxide: Removal of SO2 from flue gasesBhargava, Rachna; Rani, Ashu; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.32A(08) [August 1993]713-716
Rates of autoxidation of sulphur (IV) in aqueous suspensions of limestone. powder: Implications for scrubber chemistryPrasad, D S N; Rani, Ashu; Sharma, M; Gupta, K SIJCT Vol.01(2) [March 1994]87-92
Surface-mediated autoxidation of aqueous SO2 in ceramic powder suspensionsBhargava, Rachna; Rani, Ashu; Gupta, K SIJC-A Vol.31A(09) [September 1992]683-687