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Antimony(III)Chloride Complexes of SulphadrugsGupta, J K; Jha, N KIJC-A Vol.26A(06) [June 1987]529-531
Characterization and catalytic activity of Ni-W/SiO2-Al2O3 hydrocracking catalystsSharma, L D; Kumar, Manoj; Gupta, J K; Rana, M S; Dangwal, V S; Dhar, G MuraliIJCT Vol.08(3) [May 2001]169-175
Correlation between the pKa and pharmacological properties of some imidazolin-5(4H)-ones, their precursors and Schiff’s basesGupta, J K; De, Biplab; Saravanan, V SIJC-B Vol.45B(11) [November 2006]2580-2582
Effect of Culture and Environment on the Production of Heat Stable Glucoamylase by Mutated Aspergillus species UV-1 through Solid State FermentationGupta, J K; Gupta, Menu; Kanupriya; Soni, S KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]37-43
Ionospheric Electron Content Measurement at Delhi & Its Latitudinal Dependence in the Meridional Plane on Either Side of the EquatorGhosh, A B; Gupta, J K; Tyagi, T RIJRSP Vol.09(2) [April 1980]40-43
Production Suitability & Characteristics of Heatstable Alpha Amylase from Solid State Enzyme by Bacillus species PS-1Soni, S K; Kanupriya; Gupta, Meenu; Gupta, J KBVAAP Vol.11(1) [June 2003]53-57
Production technology and quality characteristics of mead and fruit-honey wines : A reviewGupta, J K; Sharma, RajeshNPR Vol.8(4) [July-August 2009]345-355
Salient Features of Amplitude Scintillations & Faraday Polarization Fluctuations at VHF Observed at DelhiVijayakumar, P N; Tyagi, T R; Gupta, J KIJRSP Vol.17(2) [April 1988]58-62
Spatial estimates of Rayleigh-Taylor instability at geomagnetic equator from satellite scintillation observations at DelhiVijayakumar, P N; Gupta, J K; Tyagi, T R; Singh, Lakha; Somayajulu, Y VIJRSP Vol.20(1) [February 1991]50-57
Study of scintillations observed at Delhi during high solar activity periodGupta, J K; Singh, Lakha; Tyagi, T RIJRSP Vol.22(3) [June 1993]193-196