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Carbon concentration mechanisms in photosynthetic microorganismsGhoshal, Durba; Goyal, ArunIJBB Vol.37(6) [December 2000]383-394
Comaprison Of Rate Of Synthesis And Content Of Lipid Glycerol And Total Glycerol In Dunaliella tertiolecta And Its Salt-Sensitive Mutant, HL 25/8Goyal, Arun; Lilley, R MccIJMS Vol.19(4) [December 1990]285-287
Comparative analysis of bioethanol production involving saccharification by mixed recombinant clostridial enzymes using sugarcane leaves and kans grass as sustainable feed stocks from North-east IndiaGupta, Ashutosh; Rajulapati, Vikky; Das, Debasish; Goyal, ArunIJBT Vol.16(2) [April 2017]199-210
Enhancement of dextransucrase activity of Pediococcus pentosaceus mutant SPAm1 by response surface methodologyPatel, Seema; Kothari, Damini; Goyal, ArunIJBT Vol.10(3) [July 2011]346-351
Purified dextransucrase from Pediococcus pentosaceus CRAG3 as food additiveShukla, Rishikesh; Goyal, ArunIJEB Vol.52(11) [November 2014]1036-1044
Relativistic fine structure and the energy levels of confined multi-electron GaAs quantum dot with hydrogenic impurity within the effective mass approximation in presence of magnetic fieldGoyal, Arun; Khatri, Indu; Singh, A K; Mohan, ManIJPAP Vol.53(09) [September 2015]604-611
Synthesis of bioactive chlorinated 10H-phenothiazines, sulfones, ribofuranosides and their antimicrobial activityGoyal, Arun; Agarwal, Shikha; Gautam, D CIJC Vol.61(08) [AUG 2022]842-848