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Electrophilic addition of osmium nitrosyls to alkylidenearylhydrazone Synthesis and 'Characterisation of arylazo oximate complexes of osmium(II) and (III)Sinha, Sutapa; Banerjee, Achintya K; Ghosh, Barindra KIJC-A Vol.37A(03) [March 1998]264-268
Manganese(II) complexes having pseudohalide coordination: Synthesis, IR spectroscopy and X-ray crystal structures of [Mn(L1)(NCS)2] and [Mn(L2)(NCS)2] compounds involving Schiff basesKarmakar, Tapan K; Ghosh, Barindra K; Chandra, Swapan KIJC-A Vol.45A(05) [May 2006]1121-1125
Synthesis, structure and luminescence behaviour of complexes of type [Cd(dpa)2X2] (dpa = 2,2'-djpyridylamine; X = N3-, NCS-, NCO-) Chowdhury, Habibar; Ghosh, Rajarshi; Rahaman, Sk Hafijur; Rosair, Georgina M; Ghosh, Barindra KIJC-A Vol.44A(04) [April 2005]687-692
Synthesis, characterisation and X-ray structure of a mononuclear zinc(II)azido complex containing tetradentate schiff baseBanerjee, Jaya; Bose, Doyel; Rahaman, Sk Hafijur; Walsh, Rosa D Bailey; Zaworotko, M J; Ghosh, Barindra KIJC-A Vol.43A(05) [May 2004]1119-1122
Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical studies of oximato-bridged binuclear osmium(II)-oxovanadium(IV) complexesDas, Pradyut K; Sinha, Sutapa; Ghosh, Barindra KIJC-A Vol.35A(07) [July 1996]586-590
Synthesis, characterization and redox behavior of isometric [OsA2L2] [A=NO, SCN- or N and L = 2-(arylazo)pyridine complexesMallick, Tapan K; Das, Pradyut K; Roy, Bijan K; Ghosh, Barindra KIJC-A Vol.32A(07) [July 1993]580-584
Unusual coordination preferences of flexible tetradentate ligands and thiocyanate anions leads to trans nickel(II) and cis manganese(II) compoundsKarmakar, Tapan K; Ghosh, Barindra K; Usman, A; Fun, Hoong- Kun; Chandra, Swapan KIJC-A Vol.45A(06) [June 2006]1356-1361