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Effect of ciprofloxacin on steady state pharmacokinetics of phenytoin in rabbitsIslam, A F M S; Garg, S K; Bhargava, V KIJEB Vol.37(01) [January 1999]86-88
Effect of disinfectants on stability and transmissibility of R-plasmid in E. coli isolated from drinking waterTewari, Suman; Ramteke, Pramod W; Garg, S KIJEB Vol.41(03) [March 2003]225-228
Effect of glucose and urea supplements on decolourization of bagasse and gunny bag-based pulp-paper mill effluent by Trametes versicolorGarg, S K; Chandra, Harish; Modi, D RIJEB Vol.37(03) [March 1999]302-304
Effect of nimesulide co-administration on pharmacokinetics of lithiumSidhu, Shabir; Kondal, Amit; Malhotra, Samir; Garg, S K; Pandhi, PIJEB Vol.42(12) [December 2004]1248-1250
Evaluation of immunogenic potential of 75kDa and 56kDa proteins of newcastle disease virus (NDV)Arora, Payal; Lakhchaura, B D; Garg, S KIJEB Vol.48(09) [September 2010]889-895
Influence of acidic beverage (Coca-Cola) on pharmacokinetics of ibuprofen in healthy rabbitsKondal, Amit; Garg, S KIJEB Vol.41(11) [November 2003]1322-1324
Removal of Cr (VI) using triisoamyl phosphateSingh, D K; Garg, S K; Bhardwaj, R KIJCT Vol.07(4) [July 2000]205-206
Biosorption and elution of chromium from immobilized Bacillus coagulans biomassSrinath, T; Garg, S K; Ramteke, P WIJEB Vol.41(09) [September 2003]986-990
Synthesis and characterization of Co(II), Ni(II) and eu(II) complexes of isatinmono(4-methylquinolinyl)hydrazoneGarg, B S; Singh, P K; Garg, S KIJC-A Vol.30A(11) [November 1991]979-981