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Bioassay of antifoulant chlorineKarande, A A; Gaonkar, S N; Viswanathan, R; Sriraman, A KIJMS Vol.11(2) [June 1982]177-179
Chlorine-pH relationship in sea waterSriraman, A K; Gaonkar, S NIJMS Vol.10(4) [December 1981]373
Exopolymer production by a fouling marine bacterium Pseudomonas alcaligenesTitus, Susan; Gaonkar, S N; Srivastava, R B; Karande, A AIJMS Vol.24(2) [June 1995]45-48
Studies on the variability among macrofouling test coupons exposed in Bombay HarbourSwami, B S; Gaonkar, S NIJMS Vol.27(3&4) [September & December 1998]333-339