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Environmental impact assessment & environment managementSharma, Niraj; Dev, Pankaj Dutt; Gangopadhyay, S; Dhyani, RajniBVAAP Vol.17(2) [December 2009]101-107
Environmental impact assessment of roads and highway projectsSharma, Niraj; Dev, Pankaj Dutt; Dhyani, Rajni; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.17(2) [December 2009]108-116
Road traffic and noise pollutionShukla, Anuradha; Shukla, Rashmi; Rana, Neelam; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.17(2) [December 2009]129-136
CNG exhausts emission modeling: Neural network approachBhandari, Kirti; Sekhar, Ch Ravi; Rao, A M; Gangopadhyay, SJSIR Vol.65(12) [December 2006]1000-1007
Environmental protection, road safety issues and related provisions during transportation of hazardous materials by road in IndiaSharma, Niraj; Kaur, Pushpinder; Dhyani, Rajni; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.19(1) [June 2011]15-30
Experimental Study on Micro Surfacing using Chrome Shaving Impregnated with Modified Bitumen EmulsionKamaraj, C; Lakshmi, S; Rose, C; Mani, U; Paul, E; Mandal, A B; Gangopadhyay, SJSIR Vol.75(06) [June 2016]378-382
Methodology for estimation of CO2 reduction from mass rapid transitsystem (MRTS) projectsSharma, N; Gangopadhyay, S; Dhyani, RJSIR Vol.69(08) [August 2010]586-593
Road transport and green house emission in IndiaShukla, Anuradha; Shukla, Rashmi; Rana, Neelam; Chaudhary, Monica; Gangopadhyay, SBVAAP Vol.15(2) [December 2007]144-151
Studies on Metal-Vitamin B6 Systems: Part II - Reaction of Iron(III)Pyridoxol Complexes with Vitamins & Amino AcidsSen, Sumitra; Gangopadhyay, S; Sen, B K; Bandyopadhyay, PIJC-A Vol.27A(04) [April 1988]318-322