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Effect of calcium chloride treatment on the physiochemical properties of litchi stored under modified atmosphere conditionsGhosh, U; Bhattacharjee, A; Bose, P K; Choudhuri, D R; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.07(2) [March 2000]51-54
Effect of drying methods on rehydration kinetics of potato slicesGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HJSIR Vol.63(05) [May 2004]452-457
Effects of different treatments on physico-chemical properties of rice starchBhattacharyya, P; Ghosh, U; Chowdhuri, U Roy; Chattopadhyay, P; Gangopadhyay, HJSIR Vol.63(10) [October 2004]826-829
Enzymatic clarification of bael juice by calcium alginate gel immobilized PME of Aspergillus oryzaeGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.09(6) [November 2002]504-507
Enzymatic, physicochemical and rheological behaviour of bael fruit pulp and juiceGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]123-126
Evaluation of a thermal process for bottled watermelon juiceGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HJSIR Vol.63(02) [February 2004]177-180
Physico-chemical characteristics of extruded snacks prepared from rice (Oryza sativa L), corn (Zea mays L) and taro [Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott] by twin-screw extrusionBhattacharyya, P; Ghosh, U; Gangopadhyay, H; Raychaudhuri, UJSIR Vol.65(02) [February 2006]165-168
Physicochemical changes of Litchi in modified atmospheric storageGhosh, U; Bhattacharjee, A; Bose, P K; Choudhuri, D R; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.05(6) [November 1998]393-396
Reduction of bitter component of pomelo juice by chemical treatment and immobilized enzymeGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.10(6) [November 2003]701-704
Studies on the extraction of mango juice (Himsagar variety) using enzymes from Aspergillus oryzaeGhosh, U; Gangopadhyay, HIJCT Vol.09(2) [March 2002]130-133