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Analysis of non-reacting flow in an aircraft gas turbine engine afterburner model using finite volume methodRajkumar, M; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.10(5) [October 2003]341-352
Analysis of reacting flows in an aero-engine afterburner using computational fluid dynamicsUnaune, Sunil V; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.11(1) [February 2004]31-37
CFD study of isothermal flow in an afterburner systemGanesan, S; Kumar, S Kishore; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.12(6) [December 2005]487-497
Design and optimization of a throttle body assembly by CFD analysisKumar, J Suresh; Ganesan, V; Mallikarjuna, J M; Govindarajan, SIJEMS Vol.20(5) [October 2013]350-360
Experimental and numerical investigation of an axisymmetric free jetViswanath, K B S N; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.08(4) [August 2001]189-197
Experimental study of recirculating flows induced by vane swirlerRaj, R Thundil Karuppa; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.16(1) [February 2009]14-22
Flow investigations in open and swirl combustion chambers of Ie engines-A comparisonSubramamyam, S; Ganesan, V; Rao, P SrinivasaIJEMS Vol.01(1) [February 1994]26-34
Flow through S.I. engine air intake system using CFD at part throttle and full throttleKumar, J Suresh; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.11(2) [April 2004]93-99
Improvement in part-load performance of a manifold injected spark ignition engine – an experimental investigationPurushothama, H R; Mallikarjuna, J M; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.17(1) [February 2010]7-12
Investigation of the flow field in the various regions of intake manifold of a S.I. engineKale, S C; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.11(2) [April 2004]85-92
Ion beam induced mass transport and correlated structure formation on semiconductor surfacesSingh, J P; Mishra, N C; Singh, R; Singh, F; Ganesan, V; Kanjilal, DIJEMS Vol.07(5-6) [October-December 2000]310-319
Mean flow field measurements in an axisymmetric conical diffuser with and without inlet flow distortionKarunakaran, E; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.16(4) [August 2009]211-219
Mean flow fields in a confined isothermal flow downstream of an afterburner flame stabilizerRavichandran, M; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.01(6) [December 1994]309-319
Modelling of direct injection diesel engine combustion and emissions-An easy and reliable methodReddy, P Ram; Krishna, D Mohan; Malian, K R Govinda; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.03(1) [February 1996]1-8
Numerical prediction of mixing of four axial rectangular confined jets in the presence of an axial central swirling jetKumar, T Michael; Ganesan, V; Natarajan, RIJEMS Vol.06(6) [December 1999]307-322
Numerical solution of 3-D incompressible flows using body fitted co-cordinate systemJoseph, George; Chacko, Baby; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.02(1) [February 1995]1-7
Reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions using nickel-copper alloy catalyst in diesel enginesNedunchezhian, N; Balagurunathan, K; Rao, P Srinivasa; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.02(4) [August 1995]167-171
Simulation of exhaust and intake processes in a four-stroke direct-injection diesel engine by control volume approachReddy, P Ram; Krishna, D Mohan; Malian, K R Govinda; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.01(4) [August 1994]189-194
Studies on deposition of antimony triselenide thin films by chemical method: SILARSankapal, B R; Ganesan, V; Lokhande, C DIJPAP Vol.38(08) [August 2000]606-610
Three-dimensional modeling of fluid flow in a four-stroke compression ignition engineKrishna, Mohan; Rajagopal, K; Rao, P Srinivasa; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.01(3) [June 1994]135-148