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Ethnomedicinal survey of lower Palni Hills of Tamil NaduGanesan, S; Suresh, N; Kesaven, LIJTK Vol.3(3) [July 2004]299-304
CFD study of isothermal flow in an afterburner systemGanesan, S; Kumar, S Kishore; Ganesan, VIJEMS Vol.12(6) [December 2005]487-497
Design and development of electronic jacquard for Korai mat weaving loomNath, K Badari; Nayak, Shantharam; Ambareesh, Revanur; Ganesan, S; Reddy, C SrinivasaIJFTR Vol.44(3) [September 2019]360-364
Ethnoveterinary healthcare practices in southern districts of Tamil NaduGanesan, S; Chandhirasekaran, M; Selvaraj, AIJTK Vol.7(2) [April 2008]347-354
Fibre migration in compact spun yarns: Part II – Mechanical compact yarnGanesan, S; Venkatachalam, A; Subramaniam, VIJFTR Vol.32(2) [June 2007]163-168
Fibre migration in compact-spun yarns: Part I—Pneumatic compact yarnGanesan, S; Ramakrishnan, GIJFTR Vol.31(3) [September 2006]381-386
Measurement of 100Mo (n, 2n) 99Mo reaction cross section and covariance analysis using extended unscented transformation technique at the incident neutron energy of 13.9 MeVRam, Sangeetha Prasanna; Nair, Jayalekshmi; Suryanarayana, S V; Dhanu, Laxman Singh; Naik, Haladhara; Ganesan, SIJPAP Vol.58(05) [May 2020]351-357
Structural and optical study of yttrium oxide co-doped with bismuth and zinc prepared by sol-gel methodBhavani, G; Ganesan, SIJPAP Vol.54(05) [May 2016]307-312
Traditional oral care medicinal plants survey of Tamil NaduGanesan, SNPR Vol.7(2) [March-April 2008]166-172