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Assessment of In Vitro Antimicrobial and Anti-breast Cancer Activities of Extracts Isolated from Desert Truffles in Saudi ArabiaElsayed, E A; Alsahli, F D; Barakat, I A; Enshasy, H A El; Wadaan, M AJSIR Vol.78(07) [July 2019]419-425
Bioprocess Optimization for Levan Production by Bacillus subtilis B58Hamid, K R Abdul; Elsayed, E A; Enshasy, H A El; Esawy, M; Malek, R AbdJSIR Vol.77(07) [July 2018]386-393
Cytotoxic Activities of Different Solvent Extracts of Tirmania nivea and Terfezia claveryi against HepG2 and L929 CellsElsayed, E A; Alsahli, F D; Enshasy, H A El; Wadaan, M AJSIR Vol.78(07) [July 2019]454-457
Development of an Industrially Feasible Medium for Enhanced Production of Extremely Thermophilic Recombinant Endo-1,4-β-xylanase by Escherichia coliKandiyil, S; Malek, R Abdul; Aziz, R; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.77(01) [January 2018]41-49
Effects of Different Aeration Rates and Feeding Strategies on Cell Growth and Invertase Production Kinetics by Saccharomyces boulardiiElsayed, E A; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.77(10) [October 2018]575-582
Isolation and Identification Studies on Potential Xylanase Producing Strain Trichoderma sp. WICC F46 Isolated from Tropical SoilAmbehabati, K K; Hanapi, S Z; Baz, A F El; Sayyed, R Z; Dailin, D J; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.79(02) [February 2020]153-159
Kinetics of Cell Growth and Invertase Production by the Biotherapeutic Yeast, Saccharomyces boulardiiEnshasy, H A El; Elsayed, E AJSIR Vol.76(08) [August 2017]477-484
A Novel Approach in Lactose Based Induction for Enhanced Production of 1-4-Beta Xylanase by Recombinant Escherichia coliKandiyil, S K; Malek, R A; Kaul, R Hatti; Ho, C K; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.78(05) [May 2019]287-294
Statistically Designed Bioprocess for Enhanced Production of Alkaline Protease in Bacillus cereus HP_RZ17Jadhav, H P; Sayyed, R Z; Shaikh, S S; Bhamre, H M; Sunita, Kumari; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.79(06) [June 2020]491-498
Targeting Pro-inflammatory Cytokines and Chemokine as Potential Novel Strategy in Adjuvant Development for Anti- HCV TherapyEl-Deeb, N; El-Adawi, H; Sharaf, M; Enshasy, H A ElJSIR Vol.77(09) [September 2018]510-515