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Anti-VEGFR-2 Kinase Effects of Cyclo (Nα-dinicotinoyl)-bis-[(L-valinyl)- L-lysine] and its Anticancer Activities Against Different Cancer Cell LinesAmr, A E; Elsayed, E A; Al-Omar, M A; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.79(05) [May 2020]413-417
Anticancer Potentials of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles against Liver and Breast Cancer Cell LinesElsayed, E A; Moussa, S A; El-Enshasy, H A; Wadaan, M AJSIR Vol.79(01) [January 2020]56-59
Application of Attenuated Total Reflection/Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy in the Screening of Strains Producing Bioactive Molecules: A Metabolomics ApproachBoumehira, A Z; Arous, O; Elsayed, E A; Hacene, H; Yezli, N; Sukmawati, D; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.78(05) [May 2019]301-306
Bioprocess Development for β- and γ-rubromycin Production: A Human Telomerase Inhibitors, by Streptomyces sp. ADR1Boumehira, A Z; Malek, R A; Othman, N Z; Ware, I; Ramli, S; Malek, K; Hacène, H; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.75(10) [October 2016]609-614
Coupling Ultrasound with Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Essential Oil from Algerian Artemisia herba-alba AssoAgouillal, F; Moghrani, H; Nasrallah, N; Hanapi, Z; Taher, Z Mat; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.77(08) [August 2018]465-471
Investigation of Growth Inhibitory Effects of cyclo (Nα-pyrido)-bis-[(L-valinyl)-L-ornthenyl acid hydrazide] on Various Cancer Cells as well as in vitro VEGFR-2 Kinase InhibitionAmr, A E; Elsayed, E A; Al-Omar, M A; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.79(04) [April 2020]328–332
Medium Optimization for Xylanase Production by Recombinant Escherichia coli B24Rashid, W B A B; Malek, R Abd; Wadaan, M A; Elsayed, E A; Sukmawati, D; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.79(06) [June 2020]473-478
Medium Optimization using Response Surface Methodology for High Cell Mass Production of Lactobacillus acidophilusKepli, A N; Dailin, D J; Malek, R A; Elsayed, EA; Leng, O M; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.78(09) [September 2019]608-614
Optimization of Cordycepin Extraction from Cordyceps militaris Fermentation BrothSoltani, M; Malek, R Abd; Ware, I; Ramli, S; Elsayed, E A; Aziz, R; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.76(06) [June 2017]355-361
Optimization of fed-batch cultivation strategy for extracellular ɑ-amylase production by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in submerged cultureElsayed, E A; Omar, H G; Galil, S A; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.75(08) [August 2016]480-486
Optimizing Medium Components to Enhance High Cell Mass Production of Biotherapeutic Strain Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 20016T by Statistical MethodSelvamani, S; Dailin, D J; Rostom, M; Malek, R A; Gupta, V K; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.79(09) [September 2020]798-803
Stabilization of Multilayer Emulsion as Influenced by Sweet Potato Pectin Concentration, pH and SaltHamidon, N H; Zaidel, D N A; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.78(11) [November 2019]775-781
Statistical Optimization Approaches for High Cell Biomass Production of Lactobacillus caseiEyahmalay, J; Elsayed, E A; Dailin, D J; Ramli, S; Sayyed, R Z; El-Enshasy, H AJSIR Vol.79(03) [March 2020]216-221