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An analysis of the relation between precipitation and earthquake in the Indian regionGoswami, H; Devi, M; Rambabu, S; Barbara, A K; Prakash, KIJRSP Vol.43(1) [February 2014]41-47
Atmospheric turbulences over Guwahati and their association with tropospheric dynamicsMedhi, A; Devi, M; Goswami, H; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.44(1) [March 2015]35-44
Characterization of LOS signal fading at 6/7 GHz over Assam Valley and its association with tropospheric parameters: An observational studySharma, Sanjay; Tiomothy, K I; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.24(4) [August 1995]166-177
Dynamics of the lower atmosphere through analysis of fade characteristics of microwave signalsSharma, Sanjay; Timothy, K I; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.25(4) [August 1996]187-196
Effects of 16 Feb 1980 Solar Eclipse on Ionosphere as Observed at GauhatiTalukdar, P; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.11(1) [February 1982]20-22
An empirical model to estimate radio refractive index gradient from ground-based data sourcesSharma, Sanjay; Timothy, K I; Barbara, A K; Devi, MIJRSP Vol.27(1) [February 1998]11-14
An Experimental Arrangement for Satellite RB Signal Amplitude Measurements Using Rotating AntennaBardoloi, P; Rahman, K; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.11(3) [June 1982]122-123
High resolution fast response rain gaugeSharma, Sanjay; Barbara, A K; Devi, MIJRSP Vol.26(5) [October 1997]301-305
Ionospheric electron content near anomaly crest as precursor of earthquakeDevi, M; Barman, M K; Barbara, A K; Depueva, AIJRSP Vol.30(4) [August 2001]209-213
Laser power meter: A simple optoelectronic set-upChoudhury, D; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJPAP Vol.44(11) [November 2006]801-804
Raindrop size distribution profiling by laser distrometer and rain attenuation of centimeter radio wavesSaikia, M; Devi, M; Barbara, A K; Sarmah, H KIJRSP Vol.38(2) [April 2009]80-85
Software development for lidar data analysisBaishya, Rajesh Kr; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.32(2) [April 2003]114-117
Sporadic-E at GauhatiTalukdar, P; Devi, M; Barbara, A KIJRSP Vol.09(4) [August 1980]138-141
Vertical distribution of optical parameters of aerosols using Portable Automatic Lidar system of Gauhati UniversityDevi, M; Barbara, A K; Saikia, M; Chen, WIJRSP Vol.37(5) [October 2008]333-340