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Allozyme electrophoretic studies in four species of groupers (Pisces: Serranidae) represented in the commercial fishery of Visakhapatnam - IndiaSujatha, K.; Deepti, V.A. Iswarya; Shrikanya, K.V.L.IJMS Vol.40(3) [June 2011]365-371
First record of valid species of torpedo electric ray, Torpedo polleni (Bleeker, 1865) (Torpediniformes: Torpedinidae) from Indian watersRavali, V.; Deepti, V.A. Iswarya; Jha, Sneha; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.48(09) [September 2019]1338-1343
Taxonomic studies and phylogenetic relationship of seven spotted groupers species of genus Epinephelus (Pisces: Serranidae) off Visakhapatnam, middle east coast of IndiaDeepti, V.A. Iswarya; Shrikanya, K.V.L.; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.43(12) [December 2014]2254-2268
Studies on length frequency distribution, length - weight relationship and some aspects of reproductive biology of Katsuwonus  pelamis (Linnaeus, 1758) off north Andhra Pradesh, central eastern coast of IndiaDeepti, V.A. Iswarya; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.46(11) [November 2017]2295-2302
Studies on length groups and length-weight relationship of puffer fishes (Pisces: Tetraodontidae) in the catches off Visakhapatnam, IndiaPadmavathi, P.; Sujatha, K.; Deepti, V.A. IswaryaIJMS Vol.46(05) [May 2017]972-981
Studies on some aspects of biology of Uranoscopus cognatus Cantor, 1849 (Pisces: Uranoscopidae) off Visakhapatnam, central eastern coast of IndiaJha, Sneha; Deepti, V.A. Iswarya; Ravali, V.; Sujatha, K.IJMS Vol.48(01) [January 2019]85-92