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Characteristics of a southerly thunderstorm at DumDum (22.38°N, 88.28°) and nearby coastal areasPatra, A K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]126-132
Charge transfer process during ice-ice collision within a thundercloudDatta, S; De, U K; Goswami, KIJRSP Vol.25(5) [October 1996]249-254
Depth of surface layer over ice during riming in supercooled atmosphereDatta, S; Goswami, K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.25(2) [April 1996]79-81
Estimation of pressure drop and storm surge height associated to tropical cyclone using Doppler velocityPradhan, Devendra; Mitra, Anasuya; De, U KIJRSP Vol.41(3) [June 2012]348-358
Higher order Markov chain models for monsoon rainfall over West Bengal, IndiaDastidar, Avik Ghosh; Ghosh, Deepanwita; Dasgupta, S; De, U KIJRSP Vol.39(1) [February 2010]39-44
In search of similarity relations suitable at Jodhpur (26.3° N, 73° E), India, during MONTBLEX '90Chattopadhyay, J; De, U KIJRSP Vol.29(2) [April 2000]81-87
A logistic regression model for prediction of premonsoon convective development over KolkataDasgupta, S; De, U KIJRSP Vol.33(4) [August 2004]252-255
Markov chain models for pre-monsoon thunderstorm in Calcutta, IndiaDasgupta, S; De, U KIJRSP Vol.30(3) [June 2001]138-142
Parameters necessary for the assessment of pre-storm instabilityPatra, A K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.27(4) [August 1998]148-155
Premonsoon convective developments over Gangetic West Bengal during 1980-89Sadhukhan, I; De, U KIJRSP Vol.27(3) [June 1998]102-109
Role of a surface parameter on premonsoon thunderstorm days at DumDum (22.38°N, 88.28°E), CalcuttaPatra, A K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.26(3) [June 1997]121-125
Short-term ozone trend in IndiaJana, P K; Midya, S K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.30(4) [August 2001]176-180
Simulation of local severe storm by mesoscale model MM5Chatterjee, Prosenjit; Pradhan, D; De, U KIJRSP Vol.37(6) [December 2008]419-433
Reduction of number of parameters and forecasting convective developments at Kolkata (22.53ºN, 88.33ºE), India during pre-monsoon season: An application of multivariate techniquesChatterjee, Subhra; Ghosh, S; De, U KIJRSP Vol.38(5) [October 2009]275-282
Statistical study on the temporal correlation of different solar parameters with OI 6300 Å line intensity over Calcutta and its implicationsChattopadhyay, R; Midya, S K; De, U KIJRSP Vol.32(3) [June 2003]135-141
Turbulent eddy characteristics in temperature and wind field of surface layer during MONTBLEX’90 over Jodhpur, IndiaDas, N; De, U KIJRSP Vol.33(6) [December 2004]380-390
Verification of NCMRWF temperature output with observed data over West Bengal region during 2000-2002 monsoon periodMandal, V; De, U K; Basu, B KIJRSP Vol.35(6) [December 2006]407-417