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Carbonyl metal derivatives of schiff bases and schiff base complexes of copper(II), nickel(II) and cobalt(III)De, Rajib Lal; (nee Bera), Keka Samanta; Banerjee, IndrajitIJC-A Vol.40A(02) [February 2001]144-148
Exchange of amine part of schiff bases with ammonia in presence of a metal ion: Molecular structure of bis-(salicylaldiminato) nickel(II)De, Rajib Lal; Banerjee, Indrajit; Samanta, Chitra; Mukherjee, Alok KIJC-A Vol.38A(04) [April 1999]373-376
Mixed ligand complexes of cobalt(II and III) — Molecular structure of bis-(4-acetophenylsalicylaldiminato)acetylacetonato cobalt(III)De, Rajib Lal; Banerjee, Indrajit; Mukherjee, Alok K; Guha, SubhadraIJC-A Vol.39A(10) [October 2000]1050-1054
Mixed metal clusters of iron and cobalt from carbonyl iron dichloro-phenylphosphine complexes with cyclopentadienyl cobaltdicarbonylDe, Rajib Lal; Maiti, KamalesIJC-A Vol.41A(11) [November 2002]2296-2299
Reactivity of π-cyclopentadienyl cobalt dicarbonyl with free phosphines—Isolation and properties of phosphorus bridged clustersDe, Rajib Lal; Maiti, KamalesIJC-A Vol.40A(10) [October 2001]1097-1100
Some mixed ligand complexes of cobalt (II) with bidentate schiff basesDe, Rajib Lal; Samanta (nee Bera), KekaIJC-A Vol.39A(10) [October 2000]1098-1100
Syntheses, spectroscopic studies, crystal structure and complexation reactions of N- (2 or 4-hydroxylphenyl) benzaldimineDe, Rajib Lal; Mandal, Mahuya; Roy, Lovely; Mukherjee, JaydeepIJCA Vol.47A(1) [February 2008]207-213
Synthesis and characterisation of a new dinuclear cobalt{II) complexDe, Rajib Lal; Bhar, Sanjib KumarIJC-A Vol.33A(11) [November 1994]1034-1036
Synthesis and reactivity of the copper (II) complexes of N-α-acetophenyl-X-salicylaldimines (α = 4 or 3, X = H, 5-Br or 3-COOH ). Molecular structure of bis-(N-4-acetophenyl-salicylaldiminato) copper(II)De, Rajib Lal; Banerjee, Indrajit; Guha, Subhadra; Mukherjee, Alok KIJC-A Vol.41A(07) [July 2002]1380-1384
Synthesis and structural studies on bis-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-X-salicylaldiminato complexes of cobalt(III) and copper(II)De, Rajib Lal; Samanta, Keka; Samanta, Chitra; Mukherjee, Alok KIJC-A Vol.38A(10) [October 1999]1010-1014
Synthesis and structure of trans-dichlorobis (ethylenediamine) cobalt(II) hydrochloride adduct, [Co(en)2Cl2].HCIDe, Rajib Lal; Bhar, Sanjib K; Samanta, Keka; Banerjee, Indrajit; Maiti, Kamales; Mukherjee, Alok K; Samanta, ChitraIJC-A Vol.38A(10) [October 1999]1063-1065
The synthesis and structure of 1-[3-{(2-hydroxybenzylidene)amino}phenyl]ethanoneDe, Rajib Lal; Mukherjee, Jaydeep; Mandal, Mahuya; Roy, Lovely; Bhowal, Ruchika; Banerjee, IndrajitIJC-B Vol.48B(04) [April 2009]595-598
Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural studies on N-(2–hydroxyphenyl)cinnamaldimine and some bivalent metal complexesDe, Rajib Lal; Mandal, Mahuya; Roy, Lovely; Mukherjee, Jaydeep; Bhawal, Ruchika; Maiti, KamalesIJCA Vol.47A(10) [October 2008]1480-1485