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Cobalt (III) chelates of tetradentate dioxime schiff basesMohapatra, Manjushree; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.29A(04) [April 1990]342-345
Cobalt(III) complexes of a conjugated tetradentate ligand and their interaction with imidazoleMohapatra, Manjushree; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.29A(08) [August 1990]788-791
Dioxomolybdenum(VI) complexes with a terdentate schiff base ligand and imidazole basesMohanty, Raghu Nath; Chakravortty, Vivekananda; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.30A(05) [May 1991]457-459
Fluxional Organogold ComplexesDash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.24A(04) [April 1985]265-275
Interaction of imidazole and 1-vinyl imidazole with non-alkyl cobalt(III) complexes with complexes of tetradentate dioxime schiff base ligands-Vitamin B12 model complexesMohapatra, Manjushree; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.29A(05) [May 1990]482-485
Macrocyclic complexes of dioxouranium(VI)Rout, Kailash Chandra; Mishra, Prashanta Kumar; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.33A(07) [July 1994]673-675
Organa-aluminium, -gallium and -indium compounds as precursors for semi-conducting thin layersJena, Satyaban; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.33A(08) [August 1994]699-709
PMR & 13CMR Spectra of Some Imidazole Complexes of CobaloximesDas, Jayanta K; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.24A(08) [August 1985]696-698
Synthesis and characterization of complexes of early actinides with tridentate schiff base ligandsMansingh, Pathani S; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.34A(11) [November 1995]904-907
Three-coordinated Gold(I) & Four- & Five-coordinated Gold(III) Complexes with Bidentate Nitrogen Donor LigandsDash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.25A(06) [June 1986]552-556
trans-Azido(imidazole)bis(dimethylglyoximato)cobalt(III) Complexes: Synthesis & SpectraDas, Jayanta K; Dash, Kailash CIJC-A Vol.24A(05) [May 1985]387-391