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Amberlyst-15 catalyzed acetylation of heteroaromatics with acetic anhydride under solvent free conditionsDas, Biswanath; Pal, Rammohan; Banerjee, Joydeep; Mahender, G; Holla, Harish; Venkateswarlu, KIJC-B Vol.44B(01) [January 2005]198-200
A convenient, rapid and eco-friendly synthesis of bis-indolylmethanes under microwave irradiationDas, Biswanath; Pal, Rammohan; Banerjee, Joydeep; Ramesh, Chimmani; Mahender, Gurram; Venkateswarlu, KattaIJC-B Vol.44B(02) [February 2005]327-330
Isomerization of the Baylis-Hillman adducts using amberlyst-15 as a heterogeneous reusable catalyst: a simple and efficient stereoselective synthesis of (E)-cinnamyl alcohol derivativesDas, Biswanath; Banerjee, Joydeep; Majhi, Anjoy; Chowdhury, Nikhil; Venkateswarlu, Katta; Holla, HarishIJC-B Vol.45B(07) [July 2006]1729-1733
Natural camptothecinsDas, Biswanath; Madhusudhan, P; Reddy, P Veena; Anitha, YIJC-B Vol.40B(06) [June 2001]453-464
Natural taxolsDas, Biswanath; Kashinatham, A; Anjani, GIJC-B Vol.38B(09) [September 1999]1018-1024
A new biflavonoid from Cycas beddomeiDas, Biswanath; Mahender, Gurram; Rao, Yerra Koteswara; Thirupathi, PonnaboinaIJC-B Vol.45B(08) [August 2006]1933-1935
A phosphorus-supported coumarin-containing ligand as a fluorescence probe for detection of Cu(II) and Ag(I) ionsChandrasekhar, Vadapalli; Pandey, Mrituanjay D; Das, Biswanath; Mahanti, Bani; Senapati, TapasIJC-A Vol.50A(03-04) [March-April 2011]453-458
A simple and efficient tetrahydropyranylation using N-bromosuccinamideDas, Biswanath; Reddy, M Ravinder; Ravindranath, N; Reddy, V Saidi; Venkateshwarlu, KIJC-B Vol.43B(08) [August 2004]1711-1712
Studies on phytochemicals: Part XV-Investigation on the alkaloidal constituents of Indian Mappia foetidaDas, Biswanath; Rao, S Padma; Kashinatham, A; Srinivas, K V N SIJC-B Vol.36B(02) [February 1997]208-210
Studies on phytochemicals: Part XVII-Phenolics from the roots of Jatropha gossypifoliaDas, Biswanath; Kashinatham, A.IJC-B Vol.36B(11) [November 1997]1077-1078
A substituted imidazole derivative from Jatropha curcasDas, Biswanath; Reddy, M Ravinder; Ravindranath, N; Kishore, K Hara; Murthy, U S NIJC-B Vol.44B(05) [May 2005]1119-1120
Synthesis of novel spiro-2-isoxazolines derived from partheninDas, Biswanath; Ramesh, C; Ravindranath, N; Mahender, G; Holla, HarishIJC-B Vol.44B(10) [October 2005]2149-2151
Two novel polychiral furanopyrans from Orthosiphon diffusus (Benth.)Majhi, Anjoy; Holla, Harish; Shinde, Dhananjay; Srinivasulu, Gannoju; Krishna, Arepalli Sai; Rao, Janapala Venkateswara; Das, BiswanathIJC-B Vol.56B(08) [August 2017]855-861
Unprecedented adducts formed by camptothecin and mappicine ketone with maleic anhydride under microwave irradiationDas, Biswanath; Madhusudhan, P; Kashinatham, AIJC-B Vol.39B(05) [May 2000]326-328