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Anti-inflammatory plants used by the Khamti tribe of Lohit district in eastern Arunachal Pradesh IndiaTag, Hui; Das, A K; Loyi, HariNPR Vol.6(4) [July-August 2007]334-340
Ethnobotanical notes on the Hill Miri tribe of Arunachal PradeshTag, Hui; Das, A KIJTK Vol.3(1) [January 2004]80-85
Ethnobotanical studies on orchids among the Khamti Community of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaChowlu, Krishna; Mahar, Kamalesh S; Das, A KIJNPR Vol.8(1) [March 2017]89-93
Excited states of highly stripped ionsSaha, B; Mukherjee, T K; Das, A K; Mukherjee, P KIJC-A Vol.39A(01-03) [January-March 2000]40-47
Micellar effect on the reaction of chromium(VI) oxidation of formaldehyde in the presence and absence of picolinic acid in aqueous acid media : A kinetic studyMondal, S K; Das, M; Kar, D; Das, A KIJC-A Vol.40A(04) [April 2001]352-360
Mimicking sensing mechanism of taste through salt-water oscillator and its non-electrolyte analogues-Experiments with compounds belonging to different taste categoriesSrivastava, R C; Agarwala, V; Das, A K; Upadhyay, SIJC-A Vol.33A(11) [November 1994]978-984
Mutual interference effects on the wind pressure distribution on two low-rise prismatic bodiesGowda, B H Lakshmana; Tulapurkara, E G; Das, A KIJEMS Vol.06(6) [December 1999]297-306
Plants used by the Hill Miri tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in ethnofisheriesTag, Hui; Das, A K; Kalita, PallabiIJTK Vol.4(1) [January 2005]57-64
Potentiality of a new compound for in vitro differentiation between halophilic and non-halophilic vibriosRay, R; Das, A K; Dutta, N K; Chakrabarty, A N; Chaudhuri, B N; Seth, S; Dastidar, Sujata GIJEB Vol.40(02) [February 2002]220-222
Traditional knowledge base in the management of village bamboos: A case study in Barak Valley, Assam, Northeast IndiaNath, A J; Das, G; Das, A KIJTK Vol.8(2) [April 2009]163-168