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Alternative reducing system for dyeing of cotton with sulphur dyesChavan, R B; Vhanbatte, ShirishkumarIJFTR Vol.27(2) [June 2002]179-183
Cyanoethylation of Cotton and Its Transfer PrintingChavan, R B; Sanyal, S; Gupta, R K; Jain, A KIJFTR Vol.12(1) [March 1987]17-20
Development and processing of lyocellChavan, R B; Patra, A KIJFTR Vol.29(4) [December 2004]483-492
Discharge prints on cotton dyed with indigo and sulphur dyesChavan, R B; Bhargava, HIJFTR Vol.23(1) [March 1998]63-64
Dyeing of acrylic fibres with monoazo disperse dyes in presence of benzyl alcohol: Part IKaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S D; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]125-129
Dyeing of acrylic fibres with monoazo disperse dyes in presence of benzyl alcohol: Part IIKaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S D; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]130-134
Dyeing of Cellulosic Fibres with a Reactive Dye from Acetone-Water MixtureChavan, R B; Subramanian, AIJFTR Vol.07(4) [December 1982]101-106
Dyeing of denim with indigoChakraborty, J N; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.29(1) [March 2004]100-109
Dyeing of polyacrylonitrile fibres with monoazo disperse dyes-adsorption studiesChavan, R B; Kaushik, R C D; Deshpande, S DIJFTR Vol.14(3) [September 1989]119-124
Effect of Resin Finishing on the Properties of Ring and Rotor Yarn FabricsHari, P K; Balasubramanian, P; Sengupta, A K; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.09(4) [December 1984]130-134
Effect of thickener film structure on dye release during sublimation transfer printing of polyesterChavan, R B; Jain, A KIJFTR Vol.14(1) [March 1989]39-44
Enhancement in indigo uptake on cotton through metal salt pretreatmentChavan, R B; Chakraborty, J NIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]130-137
Environment-friendly dyeing processes for cottonChavan, R BIJFTR Vol.26(1-2) [March-June 2001]93-100
Fixation of reactive prints on silk by sodium silicate pad-batch technique-Reaction mechanismChavan, R B; Nalankilli, GIJFTR Vol.18(4) [December 1993]197-201
In situ Polymerization-A Technique for Improving Printability and Soil Release Properties of Polyester/Cellulose BlendsDeshpande, S D; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.08(1) [March 1983]6-8
In-situ peracetic acid bleaching of juteChattopadhyay, D P; Sharma, J K; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.28(4) [December 2003]456-461
Improvement in jute fabric handle through biofinishingChattopadhyay, D P; Sharma, J K; Chavan, R BIJFTR Vol.25(2) [June 2000]121-129
Indian textile industry-Environmental issuesChavan, R BIJFTR Vol.26(1-2) [March-June 2001]11-21
Lightfastness of Reactive Dyes on Cellophane Dyed from Aqueous and Non Aqueous MediumsChavan, R B; Subramanian, AIJFTR Vol.09(4) [December 1984]135-138
Modified Melamine Formaldehyde Crosslinking Agent for Wash and Wear Finishing of CottonChavan, R B; Langer, Mohd HanifIJFTR Vol.13(3) [September 1988]116-120