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Computational modeling of partial slip effects on hydromagnetic boundary layer flow past an exponential stretching surface in presence of thermal radiationChaudhary, Santosh; Chaudhary, Susheela; Singh, SawaiIJPAP Vol.57(06) [June 2019]377-384
Design and analysis of decagonal photonic crystal fiber with elliptical air hole core for liquid sensingPanwar, Kuntal; Sharma, Ritu; Sharma, Varshali; Saxena, Namrata; Chaudhary, SantoshIJEMS Vol.27(2) [April 2020]465-470
Enhancement in structural, morphological and optical features of thermally annealed zinc oxide nanofilmSaxena, Namrata; Sharma, Varshali; Sharma, Ritu; Sharma, K K; Jain, Kapil Kumar; Chaudhary, SantoshIJPAP Vol.58(08) [August 2020]642-648
Finite element scheme for MHD forced convection flow near stagnation point and heat transfer by Newtonian heating, constant wall temperature and constant heat fluxChaudhary, Santosh; Choudhary, Mohan Kumar; Chaudhary, SusheelaIJPAP Vol.58(07) [July 2020]538-547
Heat and mass transfer by MHD flow near the stagnation point over a stretching or shrinking sheet in a porous mediumChaudhary, Santosh; Choudhary, Mohan KumarIJPAP Vol.54(03) [March 2016]209-217
Heat transfer and magneto-hydrodynamic nanofluids flow behaviors past a nonlinear stretching surface considering viscous dissipation and joule heatingChaudhary, Santosh; Kanika, KM; Chaudhary, SusheelaIJEMS Vol.27(1) [February 2020]33-46
Magnetohydrodynamic boundary layer flow past a porous substrate with Beavers-Joseph boundary conditionJat, R N; Chaudhary, SantoshIJPAP Vol.47(09) [September 2009]624-630
Magnetohydrodynamic stagnation point flow past a porous stretching surface with heat generationChaudhary, Santosh; Kumar, PradeepIJPAP Vol.53(05) [May 2015]291-297
Navier's slip condition and magnetic field effects on unsteady stagnation point flow subject to a stretched plate along to viscous dissipation and Joule heating utilizing nanofluidsChaudhary, Santosh; Kanika, K MIJPAP Vol.57(12) [December 2019]861-876
Newtonian heating and convective boundary condition on MHD stagnation point flow past a stretching sheet with viscous dissipation and Joule heatingChaudhary, Santosh; Kanika, KM; Choudhary, Mohan KumarIJPAP Vol.56(12) [December 2018]931-940
Numerical investigation of unsteady MHD flow and radiation heat transfer past a stretching surface in porous media with viscous dissipation and heat generation/absorptionChaudhary, Susheela; Chaudhary, Santosh; Choudhary, Mohan KumarIJPAP Vol.58(02) [February 2020]71-78
Ohmic-Viscous Dissipation in MHD Slip Flow of Cu-blood Nanofluid over a Stretching Surface along Nanoparticle ShapesChaudhary, Santosh; Chouhan, Kiran KunwarIJPAP Vol.59(08) [August 2021]559-568
Unsteady flow of CNT-water nanofluid past a stretching sheet with slip effectChaudhary, SantoshIJEMS Vol.27(2) [April 2020]396-403
Viscous dissipation and Joule heating effects on an unsteady magnetohydrodynamic flow over a linearly stretching permeable surface with uniform wall temperatureChaudhary, Santosh; Choudhary, Mohan KumarIJPAP Vol.55(12) [December 2017]864-872