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Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by ethanolamides in hydrochloric acidChaudhary, R S; Tyagi, D K; Rani, Mamta; Kumar, AtulJSIR Vol.66(1) [January 2007]47-51
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel by rhodamine B in acid mediumChaudhary, R S; Sharma, SantoshIJCT Vol.05(5) [September 1998]315-320
Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in hydrochloric acid by cetyl compoundsChaudhary, R S; Tyagi, D K; Kumar, AtulJSIR Vol.66(10) [October 2007]835-840
Electrochemical generation of ozone using solid polymer electrolyte - State of the artHan, Sang-Do; Kim, Jung Duk; Singh, K C; Chaudhary, R SIJC-A Vol.43A(08) [August 2004]1599-1614
The influence of auramine O on the corrosion behaviour of mild steelChaudhary, R S; Sharma, SantoshIJCT Vol.06(4) [July 1999]202-206
Influence of sodium hexa metaphosphate antiscalant on the corrosion of carbon steel in industrial cooling water systemKumar, Harish; Chaudhary, R SIJCT Vol.17(3) [May 2010]181-190
Influence of some metal ions on dissolution behaviour of aluminium-iron alloy in orthophosphoric acidDubey, R S; Upadhyay, S N; Chaudhary, R SIJCT Vol.02(1) [January 1995]32-36
Influence of trisodium phosphate (TSP) antiscalant on the corrosion of carbon steel in cooling water systemsKumar, Harish; Saini, Vishal; Kumar, Dheeraj; Chaudhary, R SIJCT Vol.16(5) [September 2009]401-410
Some triphosphates as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in 3% NaCl solutionLata, Suman; Chaudhary, R SIJCT Vol.15(4) [July 2008]364-374
Technique to determine anti-scalants efficiency for industrial cooling water systemChaudhary, R S; Kumar, HarishIJCT Vol.11(6) [November 2004]777-782