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Catalytic wet air oxidation of carboxylic acid present in wastewaterKumar, Pradeep; Raghavendra, P V K; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.65(10) [October 2006]838-842
Catalytic wet air oxidation of pulp and paper mill effluentGarg, Anurag; Saha, Somen; Rastogi, Vinayak; Chand, ShriIJCT Vol.10(3) [May 2003]305-310
Catalytic wet air oxidation of toxic nitrogen containing compounds (pyridine) from wastewaterChaudhary, Raja Raman; Kumar, Pradeep; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.65(09) [September 2006]757-759
Comparative Performance of Ion-exchanged ZSM-5 and Y -Zeolite Catalysts for Toluene Disproportionation ReactionChaudhari, Parmesh K; Saini, Pradeep K; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.61(10) [October 2002]810-816
Disproportionation of Toluene to Produce Benzene and p-Xylene – A ReviewKareem, Abdal MA; Chand, Shri; Mishra, I MJSIR Vol.60(04) [April 2001]319-327
Ion-exchanged ZSM-5 Zeolites As Catalysts for Toluene Disproportionation ReactionKareem, M A Abdal; Chand, Shri; Mishra, I MJSIR Vol.59(07) [July 2000]591-595
Reactive extraction of propionic acid using Aliquat 336 in MIBK: Linear solvation energy relationship (LSER) modeling and kinetics studyKeshav, Amit; Wasewar, Kailas L; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.68(08) [August 2009]708-713
Supported Perovskites as Catalysts for CO OxidationChand, Shri; Sharma, A K; Garg, Anurag; Mishra, I MJSIR Vol.59(11) [November 2000]944-948
Treatment of pulp and paper mill effluentGarg, Anurag; Narayana, V V V S S; Chaudhary, Parmesh; Chand, ShriJSIR Vol.63(08) [August 2004]667-671
Vehicular pollution control- removal of carbon monoxide through catalytic convertersGarg, Anurag; Chand, ShriIJCT Vol.08(3) [May 2001]219-222