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Analysis of tensile properties of dref-III blended yarnsBhattacharyya, S; Majumdar, P K; Chakraborty, SIJFTR Vol.30(2) [June 2005]142-147
Biofilm: Importance and applicationsKokare, C R; Chakraborty, S; Khopade, A N; Mahadik, K RIJBT Vol.8(2) [April 2009]159-168
Effect of four benzophenylureas on population of safflower aphid, Dactynotus carthami HRL.and lady bird predators, Coccinella septumpunctata L.and Coccinella sp.Chakraborty, S; Chatterjee, M LIJEB Vol.37(04) [April 1999]374-378
Exploration of N2 fixation and denitrification processes in the Sundarban mangrove ecosystem, IndiaDas, S; Ganguly, D; Mukherjee, A; Chakraborty, S; De, T KIJMS Vol.49(05) [May 2020]740-747
In vitro antioxidant studies on diselenodinicotinamide: A potent GPx mimicParashiva, Prabhu C; Adhikari, B; Phadnis, P P; Chakraborty, S; Jain, V K; Priyadarsini, K IIJC-A Vol.53A(07) [July 2014]781-786
Isolation and characterization of organic solvent stable protease from alkaliphilic marine Saccharopolyspora speciesRaut, G R; Chakraborty, S; Chopade, B A; Kokare, C RIJMS Vol.42(1) [February 2013]131-138
Multi Attribute Decision Making for Determining Optimum Process Parameter in EDC with Si and Cu Mixed Powder Green Compact ElectrodesChakraborty, S; Kar, S; Dey, V; Ghosh, S KJSIR Vol.77(04) [April 2018]229-236
New host record of Joryma malabaricus, Joryma hilsae and first record of Joryma sawayah (Isopoda: Cymothoidae) from Odisha coast, IndiaSeth, J K; Chakraborty, S; Roy, S; Mohapatra, AnilIJMS Vol.49(08) [August 2020]1501-1504
Performance of chitosan: jasmine oil microcapsule on jute fabricPan, N C; Ammayappan, L; Khan, A; Chakraborty, SIJFTR Vol.43(3) [September 2018]375-380
Quantification and polymer characterization of sediment microplastics along the Golden beach, Puri, IndiaSingh, V; Chakraborty, S; Chaudhuri, PIJMS Vol.50(07) [July 2021]574-584
Seasonal variation of enzyme activity and stress metabolites in eight benthic macro algae with fluctuations in salinity of Sunderban estuary, IndiaChakraborty, S; Santra, S C; Bhattacharya, TIJMS Vol.39(3) [September 2010]429-433