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Advances in unmanned underwater vehicles technologies: Modeling, control and guidance perspectivesBudiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.38(3) [September 2009]282-295
Coefficient diagram method for the control of an unmanned underwater vehicleBudiyono, Agus; Kartidjo, Muljowidodo; Sugama, AgusIJMS Vol.38(3) [September 2009]316-323
Design and analysis of modular composites drybox hull of hybrid autonomous underwater vehicleMuljowidodo, K.; Nugroho, Sapto Adi; Prayogo, Nico; Gunadharma, Budhi; Budiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.41(6) [December 2012]563-568
Design and simulation analysis of flying trimaran USVMuljowidodo, K.; Nugroho, Sapto Adi; Prayogo, Nico; Budiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.41(6) [December 2012]569-574
Design and testing of underwater thruster for SHRIMP ROV-ITBMuljowidodo K; Adi N, Sapto.; Prayogo, Nico; Budiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.38(3) [September 2009]338-345
Design of SHRIMP ROV for surveillance and mine sweeperMuljowidodo K; Adi N, Sapto; Budiyono, Agus; Prayogo, NicoIJMS Vol.38(3) [September 2009]332-337
Development of linear parameter varying control system for autonomous underwater vehicleSutarto, HY; Budiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.40(2) [April 2011]275-286
Hardware-In-the-loop simulation platform for the design, testing and validation of autonomous control system for unmanned underwater vehicleKaliappan, Vishnu Kumar; Budiyono, Agus; Min, Dugki; Muljowidodo, K; SaptoAdiNugrohoIJMS Vol.41(6) [December 2012]575-580
Model predictive control for autonomous underwater vehicleBudiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.40(2) [April 2011]191-199
Vision based distance measurement system using single laser pointer design for underwater vehicleMuljowidodo K; Rasyid, Mochammad A; SaptoAdi N; Budiyono, AgusIJMS Vol.38(3) [September 2009]324-331