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Bees make medicine for mankindBanerjee, P; Sahoo, K N; Biswas, T K; Basu, S K; Chatterjee, J; Hui, A K; Chakraborty, N C; Debnath, P KIJTK Vol.02(1) [January 2003]22-26
Determination of Allan deviation of Cesium atomic clock for lower averaging timeBanerjee, P; Chatterjee, ArundhatiIJPAP Vol.45(12) [december 2007]945-949
Development of 2.4 ns rise time, 300 kV, ~500 MW compact co-axial Marx generatorPrabaharan, T; Shyam, A; Shukla, R; Banerjee, P; Sharma, S; Deb, P; Verma, R; Kumar, R; Das, R; Das, B; Adhikary, BIJPAP Vol.49(01) [January 2011]64-72
Effect of errors in position coordinates of the receiving antenna on single satellite GPS timingSharma, Suman; Banerjee, PIJPAP Vol.48(06) [June 2010]429-434
Evaluation of GPS PDOP from elevation and azimuth of satellitesBanerjee, P; Bose, AnindyaIJRSP Vol.25(2) [April 1996]110-113
Evaluation of performance of GPS controlled rubidium clocksBanerjee, P; Suri, A K; Suman; Chatterjee, ArundhatiIJPAP Vol.46(5) [May 2008]349-354
Improvements of Indian standard time at NPL, New Delhi, maintained through GPS networkBanerjee, P; Chatterjee, Arundhati; Verma, Manish; Suri, A KIJRSP Vol.36(1) [February 2007]20-26
Investigation of Cr3+ substituted γ-Fe2O3 catalyst in its active formSengupta, A C; Kundu, M L; Maiti, G C; Sen, B; Ghosh, S K; Banerjee, P; Ganguli, S; Bhattacharya, MIJC-A Vol.31A(12) [December 1992]909-914
Metre-wavelength VLBI Experiment at OotyAnanthakrishnan, S; Kulkarni, V K; Narayana, D L; Sankararaman, M R; Selvanayagam, A J; Singal, M A; Subramanian, N; Venkatanagarathnam, N; Banerjee, P; Sengupta, A; Ponsonby, J E B; Porcas, R WIJRSP Vol.14(1) [February 1985]17-20
Monitoring of GPS signals at NPL, New Delhi, for precise time comparisonBanerjee, P; Goel, G K; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.23(6) [December 1994]416-420
A semi-empirical model to improve the accuracy of GPS timeBanerjee, P; Base, Anindya; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.30(5) [October 2001]243-248
Some anomalous behaviour of GPS/GLONASS constellations during meteor shower of 18 Nov. 1998Banerjee, P; Mukherjee, Somik; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.28(1) [February 1999]53-54
A study on GPS PDOP and its impact on position errorBanerjee, P; Bose, Anindya; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.26(2) [April 1997]107-111
A study on the accuracy of time comparison via geostationary satellite in a common view modeBanerjee, P; Saxena, Mithlesh; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.24(6) [December 1995]333-339
Study on the update rate of correction message to reduce SA effect in DGPS modeBanerjee, P; Bose, Anindya; Mukherjee, Somik; (Bose), A Guha; Mathur, B SIJRSP Vol.28(2) [April 1999]84-86
Time transfer through GPSDefraigne, P; Banerjee, P; Lewandowski, WIJRSP Vol.36(4) [August 2007]303-312
Use of modern telephone network for time transfer: An innovationThorat, Pranalee P; Banerjee, PIJPAP Vol.48(09) [September 2010]676-680